“And it’s go, go, goooo…”

Last weekend, we went to Juan Les Pins. Literally, this is translated as John the Pins. Only joking, I don’t really know what it is translated as. We went for Jay’s Dad’s 50 something birthday and I really had a nice time with Jay and his family. We stayed in a real nice hotel, about a 5 minute walk from the beach (and beach bars) and actually spent most of our time in them!

Day one wasn’t all that bad – we landed at 2ish and were in a beach bar by 3. I got so drunk, I can’t really remember it. Jay had to take me home, although I was all up for going clubbing and had told Chloe (Jay’s sister) that we’re all going clubbing about 5 seconds before it was decided that I should go home. Woops!

Day two, we went to Monaco. One word: WOW. Although I had a day-long hangover, the sheer wealth of that place did not fail to overcome me! Jay wrote down a list of rare cars that he’d seen that day (I know, geek!) and there’s about 60 of them on the back of a receipt. We walked the Grand Prix track – Jay was so excited and he had such a nice day 🙂 I did not drink until dinner, as I was feeling so disgusting. Chloe’s friend, Mark lives in France and he came down to meet us. I had to take him back to the hotel as he’d reached his alcohol limit at around midnight after a strawberry daiquiri and a few glasses of wine!

Day three, we watched the Turkish Grand Prix on a sofa on the beach! And then went to watch Man United v Chelsea. Jay drank all day that day, as when I took Mark back to the hotel, he and Chloe went to the nightclub and got (what I like to call) uber-smashed, and he basically didn’t want to get a hangover. Logical, eh? We had some Thai food and drank outside a cocktail bar, watching Brazilian street performers. I still didn’t feel 100% – I’m not cut out for drinking anymore! – so I was on the non-alcoholic fruity cocktails, which were lovely and refreshing 🙂

Day four was a pack up and go day. We walked along the promenade, catching our last bit of French sun and then went to the airport 🙂

Work today has been difficult. It’s hard going to Dubai one week, the South of France the next and then adjusting back to work life! Such as life, eh? I’m in the office on my own again today and I have worked really hard. I’ve only enrolled one baby, but the rest of it has been dealing with emails and voicemails and other problems that we’ve had with our other pools.

This weekend, I am going to Plymouth. I am so excited! I haven’t been there since January, but it feels like a lot longer! I’ve got a house party to go to on Friday night to celebrate Cat’s birthday and then on Saturday, we’re going to Newquay. I have never ever been to Newquay before! It should be good fun – we’re going down with a few friends and partying the night away.

I feel bad as I won’t really be spending any time with Jay this week. I have made myself too busy, even for myself! Tonight, I’m going to dinner with Charlotte, for a much needed catch up! Tomorrow, I need to go for a swim in the morning before work and I have WW in the evening. On Thursday, I’m swimming before work and I have this dinner in memory of my Dad (hmm…). And on Friday, swimming before work in the morning, half day at work and then heading down to Plymouth! No Jay time 😦 Next week should be freer, and I’m only busy on Saturday night next week for this Mason’s dinner with Mum!

I have decided I am going to buy a puppy at the end of the year. Ha! Seriously, I have been persuaded that I want a puggle after seeing how frickin’ cute they are! Jay and I are talking about moving house, maybe somewhere more into town, so I’m sure all will be completely fine to get a puppy dawg 🙂 I just have to finish all my projects in our current house in order to put it up for rent (Yay, more income! Well, fingers crossed anyways!). I’ll start putting up some jobs on that builder website in June time when I have a little bit more money to spend on it. It only needs painting and putting up my TV on the bracket and things like that – easy things, really, but stuff I really rubbish at. The cutting in on our paint jobs are completely hideous so someone will have to go over them – and at a weekend, which the most costly thing about it.

Other than that, things are fabulous. My swimming training is going okay – I’m trying to fit in as much swimming as I can, but there have been a couple of occasions, like this morning, where I felt completely exhausted and haven’t gone. That will all change in the upcoming weeks, especially if I feel like I’m losing more weight than I have been. My budget has gone quite well actually, considering the holidays we have been on! I think that will all change, as I did have some birthday money this month, so next month will have to be a lot tighter. I have saved £200 from this month’s pay, but my next pay day is this Sunday — I’m hoping I’ll be paid on Friday to cover for my weekend! I will be buying my wardrobe in June or July, depending on how much I’ve saved altogether, which will make a huge difference to the house’s state! Clean washing is absolutely everywhere as I’ve ran out of space on my Primark rails (not actually from Primark, but that’s what they remind me of…) and Jay keeps stealing my hangers (but thinks I haven’t realised. I’m onto you!!).

This growing up malarkey is somewhat of a challenge! So much to do and so much little time to do it in. But I’m coping, sports fans. Just need one more to do list on top of the five current to do lists that I have!


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