“I sleep on my face…”

Last night, my Mum and I had a complete awesome time at being stupid. Seriously. It’s so good being stupid once in a while. The title of this post is something I said yesterday and probably one of the most stupidest things I’ve ever said. It sounds really weird out of context, but let me put it into some sort of human context for ya.

I have false eyelash inserts (girly!) every few weeks. It saves me from putting on mascara for the two to three weeks that they are in, although they do fall out, which is a bit of a sad face time for me. My right eye is completely bare of falsies now, but my left eye is still looking kinda full with HUGE (a little bit unnatural looking) eyelashes. So my Mum was wondering why this was and asked what side I sleep on, left or right. I just turned to her and said “I sleep on my face”. Stitches were caused by the laughter.

It’s so fun being silly sometimes. And it’s good to laugh always.

Tonight, it’s my Dad’s memorial dinner in the City. Yes, City with a capital C. And by City, I mean London. I don’t know why people don’t just say London in those instances. I mean, I’m going to Plymouth at the weekend and that’s a city. Without the capital c.

ANYWAYS. Memorial dinner. I don’t quite know how I feel about it, in all honesty. Well, I know I feel nervous. I know some people took my Dad’s death really, really hard (as in calling my Mum and crying down the phone to her) and I know that they will be at this dinner this evening. I’m completely fine with talking about my Dad and what happened and the person he was –  perhaps a little too fine for some people to understand. Some people just can’t quite believe what’s happened. I can’t work out if it’s a good thing, bringing up these emotions within people. I suppose we’ll see with what happens this evening, but I bet there’ll be tears and I bet it’ll be me!

And this weekend, I’m off to Plymouth slash Newquay. I cannot wait. I have half day at work tomorrow so I’ll get to go home in the early afternoon, pack and grab that 4 hour train to Plymouth. It will be good to see some of my bestest friends again 🙂

I have posted up some job adverts on the builder website again to get our TV all sorted in our bedroom and to get all the paint jobs done. I’m hoping to get this done in June/July time, so it’ll be another thing off my check list! And I’ll have hopefully bought my huge Ikea wardrobe by then too! BAM!

Work is going really quickly today as it’s so busy. I’ve enrolled about 20 babies since being here at 9am. We opened up a new pool (well, not a new one, but our contract was terminated with an old one in the middle of a term – I’ve probably spoken about this before – so we’ve had to find a new one in the same area for all of those clients and new ones too!) and that’s taken off really really well, so all’s looking up.

Very happy with life at the moment, indeed.


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