Channel Swimming and a catch up on my life!

I am so aware that I haven’t written since Newquay. Sorry, readers! I honestly don’t understand how people are doing this post a day in 2011 thing, when I can just about post once a week!

Anyways. What I’ve been up to. I’m blonde now! Hooray! Not even a subtle blonde. Bright yellow, almost white blonde. It took Nikki 5 hours – nearly 6! – to do all of my hair and my scalp is actually falling apart because of my stupid eczema, but she promised that she won’t have to do it like that again, so I’m happy. It was so blonde, in fact, that I had to tint my eyebrows to make me look a little more normal. Jet black eyebrows and bright yellow hair don’t quite go.

Other than that, I’ve been working hard. I reached my target – yippee! – and we currently have 322 babies swimming with us this term. This might change, as we do have a cooling off period, where people can still join over the second and third week, so we might even get to 350! We even have tonnes of babies on our waiting list for our next term in September! It’s all going good in work and we have two to four new pools for our September term too, which means we can have even more babies swimming with us! Hooray! Problem is that one current pool keeps faffing around, but this will hopefully be sorted this week and we can carry on as usual. It’s so quiet in the office today and I’ve done my jobs, so that’s why I’m blogging 🙂

I have up-ed the training for my super challenge this year. I have been training in drips and drabs for the last couple of weeks, due to already made plans at the weekend and stuff, so I am swimming a mile every single day and will attempt a one and a half hour’s swim before my recovery week in a few weeks time. I have somehow raised a whopping £1,270.00 and I’m still hoping to raise some more, as not all my relatives have put in yet! Training is going well when I actually do it – yesterday, I swam legs only for a mile in 50 minutes, which is less time it took me to swim full stroke for a mile when I first started this crazy thing. Tonight is arms only, which I am dreading. I am still sporting an old swimming injury and every time I swim front crawl, it hurts. So back stroke or breast stroke, it is. It’s only for a mile, that’s what I keep telling myself. An hour out of my life. And think of the weight I’ll lose. It’s fine. Eep.

Budget has been completely rubbish for this month so far. Bearing in mind, I got paid last week, I am down to my last few pennies, so I’ve had to dip into the wardrobe fund to help me out for this month. It’s only because my Newquay payments all got taken out after I got paid. It’s fine. I’m fine. This weekend, we have a man coming in to install a Sky eye into our bedroom and to put the TV up on the wall. It’s not going to cost too much and it’s another thing to do with the house, so I don’t mind putting some wardrobe fund towards it. Plus, online bingo’s on in the background and the jackpot is £25, so that might save me!

I kind of want to move out of our house now and onto somewhere new and perhaps closer to work, so I have been looking around on the sly – my God, houses are expensive. I want to make sure our current house is perfect before we leave though, so that’s why I’m getting all these jobs done. Painter/decorator is in at the beginning of June – no, that is not a euphemism!! – to cut in the paint jobs that Jay and I didn’t do so well and to sort out Jay’s study and to paint around the recently fixed light switches. And then I’ll have to reassess what else needs doing!

Jay has agreed that we need a puggle in our lives, so we’re looking into getting one around mid-December, so I can take off the rest of my holiday and train it before I go back to work and have to pop back and forth off my lunch breaks to check he’s okay. I am so excited about this fact, we are currently discussing puppy names. We’ve gone through Futurama characters and Nickelodeon programmes from when we were kids. Considering we don’t know if we’re going to get a boy puppy or a girl puppy, we’re coming up with some awesome suggestions. Jay said if it’s a girl, we have to call her Lola after the Kinks song, but then I told him that the song was about a transvestite and now he’s not too sure. I have bought a book on puggles so I’m waiting for that to be delivered.

So everything’s peachy with me. Will keep you updated on whether my hair goes green due to all this training and any awesome puppy names we happen to come up with!


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