The Great Puggle Name Debate

In case you haven’t been reading, Jay and I are planning on buying a puggle in December. I’ve bought a puggle book and I’m more determined than ever to get one. Seriously, maybe this is another obsession of mine…

I just wanted to write a post and get your opinions on these names. Jay wants a girl dog (I don’t want to write b*tch, but yeah… a b*tch!) but I’m leaning more towards boy dog. Namely, because boy dogs are generally cheaper to purchase! I have a few awesome boy dog names, which I am actually in love with.

  1. Jagger. After Mick. You know, the guy who struts in The Rolling Stones. Just because puggles are hybrid dogs, so we actually don’t know how he’s going to look when he’s older and it’s a mean, but nice name for a boy dog. This is my favourite of all the names, I have to be honest. But Jay doesn’t like it at all, so back to the drawing board.
  2. Porkchop. After Doug’s dog. You know Doug. Do do dooo, do dooo do dooo, do dooo do do. Do do dooo, do dooo do dooo, do dooo do do… Maybe this will do it more justice!
  3. Noodle or Peanut. I don’t know, I just love those names.
  4. Kiff. After Futurama. Again, I don’t know.

So yeah. You see my problem. Too many good names and only one dog. Jay has decided that, if we get a girl, we’re calling her Lola and she’s going to wear a pink bow on her head… Yes, he has.

Let me know what you prefer or if you have any other awesome suggestions 🙂


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