Devastation. Bye Bye, HTC.

Like billions of people my age, I love my phone. I take it everywhere. I update my statuses on it, I text people on it, I can even blog on it if I like. Many days, I carelessly drop my phone. With outstanding frequency, actually. I must drop it once a day. This morning, I swam for an hour and achieved my first parallel park since passing my driving test. I was feeling awesome. That was ying. Shortly to follow was yang. I dropped my HTC Desire and it has massive cracks all over the screen. *sigh*

I have had this phone for 14 months out of my 24 month contract. It kind of feels like an extra limb and I love it like it was my own child. Really.

The screen, remarkably, still works. They must’ve expected morons like me to drop it millions and millions of times. I can still text from it, play my games on it, etc. But, alas, it is already giving me a headache and my eyes are all dry from staring at it.

So here are my options:

  1. Going to my phone network’s shop and seeing if they can fix it. This might cost a small fortune. In fact, it will do.
  2. Buy a cheaper non-smart phone. Not really an option. Need my smart features.
  3. Buy another smart phone. But this will cost even more moneys, particularly as I’ll be buying without a sim card. BAH!
I have advertised on social networking sites to see if any of my friends have a spare smart phone. Nope. Of course, they don’t! With mobile recycling websites, you can get moneys for your old phone. In fact, if I scraped this one, I’d get £115.00 for it. It’s kind of worth doing that and putting it towards a new phone fund.
I am smashing open our money box tonight as well. I think there’ll be quite a good amount in there as it was started in January! Fingers crossed, anyways.

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