Silver Lining?

In my last post, I dropped my HTC Desire. Sad times. But now, I’m waiting for delivery of a shiny white iPhone 4, that I bought from Immy. Hooray! It should be delivered today or tomorrow. I’ve never had an iPhone before, so I don’t actually know if I’m going to like them. I actually didn’t like them when they first came out, because I prefer Android operating systems, but hey. Let’s give it a go!

Training slacked at the weekend. My last swim was on Friday morning. I was meant to swim yesterday morning and this morning, but I have been feeling so tired recently, it’s just not been happening. I am swimming tonight though – it’s women’s only, so if I can’t swim there, when can I swim!? I have also joined a running website, with hints and tips and stuff to get you running. It’s kind of like a social networking site, so there’s people on there who can give you hints and tips, and even if they’re struggling too, I suppose it’s kind of supporting each other. Running’s the best way of losing weight, so Jay says, so I’ll try and give that a go as well.

My bad is that I had three slices of Domino’s pizza at the weekend, because Jay bought it. That’s the only valid reason for me, eating badly. So I have stocked up my freezer with WW ready meals and it’ll all be fine! I have no idea how weigh in’s going to go this week. If I’ve lost anything, again, I’ll be amazed. I think alcohol does not help me when losing weight – it seems I put on when I drink even the littlest bit like I did last weekend, so definitely keeping away from the voddy diets and eating more fruit and the suchlike.

Need to get thinner, particularly for V festival in August! That gives me 2 months to lose about 3 stone. Awesome…


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