I have THE best job IN THE WORLD.

I’m taking this opportunity to write about my job and how I am so happy with what I’m doing, it’s amazing.

Okay, it’s been a tough three terms but, as I keep telling my bosses, bad things happen in three’s so September term should be awesome. And regardless of this, I still believe that my job is the best job in the world 🙂

There are honestly no words that can explain baby swimming. Like, seriously. Last week, in my lesson, some of the babies actually supported their own body and held onto a railing for about 2 minutes. It is extraordinary. That is obviously part of our safety drill, don’t you know. We are trying to simulate a baby falling into the water and managing to hold on by themselves. And this is what we’re aiming to achieve. Life saving. That one is the most recent of the articles we’ve had. One of the articles. How many of those have happened and not actually reported?

ANYWAY. Another reason why my job is awesome – if the potential saving of babies’ lives wasn’t enough! – I work with some of the most passionate swimming people I have ever met. And that is really saying something. Last night, we had a staff meeting and, although the wine was a-flowing, these baby swimming teachers are probably the most enthusiastic about baby swimming. My bosses are pretty laid back, which suits me awesomely. They let me be my own boss, which is something I’ve never done before and I think it’s working out okay. And so far, in the 6 months I’ve been working for them, one of them is always pregnant, so I kind of have to be my own boss!

Not only that, although there are some clients who absolutely do my head in (isn’t there always?!), our baby parents are generally exceedingly enthusiastic – so much so, that even when they go on holiday, they want to make up a catch up lesson in case they miss out on anything important.

I am so happy that I get to spend most of my weeks doing something that I really and truly enjoy. And that they will let me get a puppy and bring them into the office when it’s a baby puppy. During the winey staff meeting yesterday, we were talking about doing underwater photo shoots of work people’s babies. I don’t have a baby, so we were going to use the puppy instead… Hmm… Health and safety!?


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