Oh, Hello Blog…

Argh, I’ve been neglecting my blog recently. I’ve had so much going on, it’s unreal! My last post was literally 2 weeks ago and when I started blogging, I’d promised myself to blog once a week… Sozzles, blogfans!

So what have I actually been up to?! Well, I’ve been on a stupid exercisey mission, doing Zumba 3 times a week to try and bust those extra pounds – seeing as my weight has stayed the same for 6 weeks now! Seriously, I have not even put on, although I’ve not really been concentrating on my diet as much as perhaps the first time WWer… It’ll be fiiiiine.

Scarily, swimming has screamed to a halt. I have found that I haven’t had the time to commit, which is frightening, as in three weeks time I’ll be doing my challenge… I feel like I am fitter than I have been EVER so that’ll be okay, right?! It’ll be fiiiiiiine… Eep.

I started playing Wii Fit the other day. My Wii balance board told me off for not playing for 751 days. I felt like answering back, but I didn’t want my neighbours to think I was crazy. Although I’m sure they already do. I bought the Zumba game and that’s crazy enough! But my Wii balance board has actually given up on life and it’s broked. I have to go out and buy a brand spanking new one. Grrr!

My wardrobe is actually finished and I’ve started putting my mass of clothes in there. Seriously, I have too many clothes – I have started to throw things away that a) don’t fit me anymore or b) will never come back into fashion.

Sky+ HD is installed. My Tesco’s delivery has been delivered. I keep winning at bingo… Waiting for £36 to be transferred into my bank! Yippee! Got brother’s friend addicted to bingo and he has won over £100!! Bloody first time luck…

Went to Plymouth at the weekend and got smashed with my Plymouth friends 🙂 Yay!

This week’s challenge is to sort out my Mum’s iPod. She has no faith that she can work things out all by herself, so it’s left for me to do it. Brother goes on holiday on Thursday as well. It’s generally a really busy time for my family and me. And next week’s challenge is to sort out my Nan’s photo album. At the moment, she has all her photos in a box under her bed and I think it’d be a nice thing to put her photos away so she can look at them when she can, so I’ll be doing that next week. I have my own photo album project, which has started and God knows when it’ll end. I’m going to be printing all my Facebook photo albums and all the albums which I have been tagged in (yikes!) and putting them into albums. I’ve ordered 327 prints so far, which has come to a surprising £30. I just figure, one day, when I have kids and grandkids, they’re not going to add me to Facebook – if, indeed, Facebook is still up and running – so I want them to see what a messy drunk I was. Hahaha. When reminiscing the other day, you can really see my weight gain and weight loss; if I flicked through them in chronological order, it would be a skinny person growing into a fat person. With different hair cuts and colours.

And do you know what? I’ve been working really really hard at work. I know you probably don’t believe me as I’m currently typing this at around 9.30am… But I really really have. The pool we were waiting for has said they don’t want us there any more, so I have been rearranging clients, trying to get our numbers up. And after our term is finished, I’ll be heading out and leafleting – even at the weekends! – to ensure that we have good numbers for next term.

I can see your minds, ticking and wondering where Jay has been whilst all of this has been going on. Well. He’s on his three peak/cycling between them all challenge. He’s been gone a week. I am rubbish at sleeping when he’s not home so I am pretty knackered now. He’ll be back in no time though. And then I’ll be sleeping again. Jay, if you are reading this whilst you are away, I have been watering the Bonsai tree and it’s not dead. Yet.

So that’s me. And that’s that. Tonight, I’m going for dinner with Char. I’m going to do some Zumba before I go, so it’ll hopefully cancel it out. Ha.


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