I don’t dream as much as I once did. At university, I used to dream weird things every night. Maybe that’s the affect of alcohol on your subconscious – as well as the myth that ‘you’ll tell the truth when you’re drunk’, which doesn’t make any difference if you’re generally a truthful person…

Anyways. When I do dream, I tell Jay about it in the morning and he’ll always say “You’re right, that is weird”, because unfortunately, my dreams do not make any sense any more. There will be an ex boyfriend in the background of a random situation where I’d never place him, an army of me’s charging towards a bouncy castle. The lot.

Last night, after my mug of Lemsip (which I tried for the first time last night as I had a banging headache and needed something to help me sleep – it worked!), I dreamt about sitting by the breakfast bar in my Mum’s kitchen, my Dad sitting opposite me, and my Mum leaning up against one of the kitchen units. We talked about V festival and music in general and I was trying to get him interested in Hot Chip, who I (Jay, Pete and Vikki) saw at V festival one year. Dad kept calling them ‘Chops” and I remember laughing, but getting a little bit annoyed at him for not calling them the real name…

I woke up and felt completely at peace. Usually, seeing Dad in my dreams made me really upset, but today I was, in fact, happier from seeing him. I haven’t seen him in dreamland for so long, I was starting to worry that I was going to forget. There’s always that worry – that you’ll forget. But I never ever do. Feeling pretty happy today that I had him in my life 🙂

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