I feel I have to be honest with you, guys – and if you can’t be honest on your own blog, where can you be?!

My budget has flown out the window. I am spending more than I probably ever have done… ever. I have joined two online bingo sites… And in the last month, I have spent £50 on bingo alone (and won £30, so I’ve technically spent £20… STOP JUSTIFYING IT, FRANNO!). I am SO ashamed. So, next month (I get paid on 15th, so not yet…), I am reining myself in. No more online bingo, unless it’s for free – I am not depositing any more money! I have V festival, which is going to be costly, but I’m not going to buy stupid things that will impact my life the smallest amount. NO CLOTHES SHOPPING for 3 months – I’m losing weight, so why should I buy clothes that I won’t fit into in a couple of months time?! No more parking in the payable car park at work. I’ve been done by 2 parking tickets in the last month, and at £30 a time, it’s far too expensive just to be so close to work! I’m even going to resort to making my lunch at home and bringing it in to save that £5er on lunch every day. I’m really gutted coz I haven’t saved half as much as I was meant to on the Franno Budget, so the following is what I’m allowed to buy:

  1. Food – when I’m hungry and not bored – and I’m not allowed to buy takeaway, because that is sooooo expensive, nowadays… well, now I’m not a student and don’t get the student discounts *shakes fist*
  2. Water – when I am thirsty and even then, I should probably drink tap water
  3. Maintenance – you know, the odd waxing and the tidy-up hair cut…

That is it. Nothing else. Oh, and petrol. But that is really it. Nothing else. And I should pick up some overtime at work whenever I can, even if it’s leafleting at the weekend. I’m also filling out surveys where they pay you like, 15p a time. I have earned £4.20 and you can only withdraw the money when you reach £40, but it’s a start and £40 will pay for my petrol for a week or something, so… it’s worth doing.

Welcome back, thrifty Franno. I would say you have been missed, but you haven’t really…

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