To Vlog or not to Vlog?

I am now a YouTube user! Hooray. I have uploaded one video of my Mum’s puppies climbing all over the sofa, with Mum repeatedly saying, “no… no… no…” and the puppies just not listening! It’s funny.

The main reason I got an account though is for subscriptions. I have subscribed to a couple of YouTubers (for that is what I have called them…) for make up and hair tips (oh God, when did I get so girly?!). A some of these users have a couple of channels – one for a vlog (video blog, for those not in the know), another for their make up vids or whatever. I’m toing and froing as to whether it would be useful to start up a vlog. Here’s the cons I’ve got so far:


  • I tend to ramble or get my words mixed up. All. The. Time. Which is quite embarrassing. Also, I don’t actually know how to cut and edit videos from my Mac yet – but I suppose a pro would be that I’d learn this quickly. Also, I have a really annoyingly squeaky voice.
  • Doing my hair and make up every time I go in front of the camera. Ergh, it’s just annoying.
  • Topics. My blog seems to be made up of complete randomness. Nothing really flows, it’s just what I’m thinking and feeling at the time. But then again, I suppose a vlog is like that, just in video version.
  • The future of looking back on a vlog and thinking, “Wow, what were you thinking?!”
  • Learning of editing skills.
  • A real life memory of what I was thinking/feeling at a precise moment in my life. I think it’s easier to vlog on the go than to blog on the go, as typing takes more time than speaking to a camera. I don’t know how long editing takes…
I don’t know. Any one else thinking of vlogging? How are they finding it? Do you think I should?? Answers, as ever, on a postcard.

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