Opportunity Friends

Opportunity friends: people who are (read: want to be) your friend when the opportunity arises for them, if they are bored, want something to do or want to make numbers up for an event. Be wary of them. – Anonymous non-opportunity friend

Today, I have awoken feeling pretty down about things. Just one flicker at my tweets and you’ll see why. I am so annoyed at some people who I have considered friends for nearly or over ten years now, regarding donations on my fundraising page for my swim. I completely understand charity can’t be thrust upon people; they will donate if they want to. To be honest, it’s actually not about the donations. It’s about the lack of support from these friends anyway. I have worked pretty hard to organise this and I feel that these friends haven’t supported me in the way a real friend probably should. You know, the normal things like asking how my training’s going, seeing if I’ve lost any more weight.

One of my real friends coined the term ‘opportunity friends’ to me (see quote above), and I actually think she might be right in categorising these. They are the people who pop up on instant messaging and expect me to make the conversation. The people who I see once every few months and take the piss out of me. The ones who always, without fail, will turn up late for something we arranged a month in advance. No more, amigos. I’m not taking any more of anyone’s crap. Frankly, I don’t deserve it. I think I’m a pretty good friend; I’m a good listener and I like to help people out. The last time I spoke to one of these ‘friends’ had me doubting my relationship with Jay because he was out, entertaining clients and not stuck at home with me on a week-night. Not that we do anything on a week-night anyway!

Emotions are at a high this week. I got a bit very upset last night as this swim is in memory of my Dad and I just wish he was here to see it. I am genuinely nervous. I think this is because I want to put in a good time. Wouldn’t it be awesome if I finished on the Saturday, instead of the Sunday? Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on myself. I’m back on the Thermobol’s, which has made the hot weather even hotter, as they raise my body temperature! Just trying to work off a little bit more extra weight before next week to make my drag a lot easier in the water. Not that the opportunity friends would know anything about this…

While this is all going on, work is going really well. Our target has been met and more babies are enrolling, with no signs of stopping. One pool, which hasn’t been all that busy since I’ve been here, has actually a full beginners class so we’ve had to open another – which has also started filling up. Hooray!

I don’t know if I’m going to blog again before my swim, but I will keep a blogging diary after each session, just to keep you guys in the loop. Stay awesome and respect each other’s feelings – don’t get all opportunity-friend on me!


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