Post 5 of the day?! Day 1 of WLB

Argh, it has been so boring at work, I have been jazzing up my blog. You can now have a look at my weight loss posts and progress, which I am using to keep my WLB (weight loss buddy) updated 🙂 If anyone wants to join us online, please do so 🙂 I am planning on writing an online food diary a day, but do bear with me – I already track this on WW, so I may forget!

So let’s start with today, shall we? Hello, my name is Franno…

Weight: 13st 3lbs (from last week’s weigh in, will update in new blog post tomorrow) (yes, I am just as shocked as you are!)

Target Weight: Eventually, 10st, but we will see how it goes…

Food Diary: 31 points
Subway Melt on wheat bread – 9 points
Sweetcorn – 1 point
Red Onion 0 points
Chocolate chip cookie – 3 points
Diet Coke 0 points

WW baked beans –  4 points
2 slices of white bread –  4 points

One hour of Zumba class + 6 points

Total eaten: 21 points (10 points remaining). Activity points gained: 6 points.


It is bloody hard to eat in the sweltering heat of my office and I don’t quite know how I’m going to eat that much a day if the weather holds out! Must try and eat breakfast, although I do eat lunch at 11am…


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