Weight Loss: Version 2.0

Ha, I know I said I probs wouldn’t write again until my swim, but there has been some advances in terms of my weight loss.

So, I put on a few lbs after my weekend in Plymouth. That’s okay, I don’t actually mind – I drank tonnes and ate lots, so it’s fine. I’m currently working off what I put on, and hopefully, I’ve done that this week and I’m back to what I was a couple of weeks ago. We’ll find out on WW Wednesday. I have made a weight loss pact with BFF and we are going to be each other’s weight loss buddies. The goal is 2 and a half stone by Christmas.

I have lost just over half a stone since February – eek! – but I have to say, I am pretty motivated to have a weight loss buddy in the equation. My Mum was my weight loss buddy, but she’s lost nearly a stone and definitely does not need to lose what I need to lose. BFF has worked out that we need to lose about 2lbs a week in order to reach our goal of 1st December.

Scheduled events that may prevent my weight loss:

  1. V festival. A weekend of drinking and eating crap. Solution: must monitor my eating (and drinking) via WW iPhone app.
  2. Various nights out in August. I have two planned already at the end of the month for a random social and a leaving do. MONITOR on WW app!
  3. Four year anniversary with Jay in September. Although I’m sure we’ll just be getting drunk to celebrate.
That is all I have scheduled so far until September… I think it would be apt if I gave up the booze after V festival. Who needs to drink to have a good time anyway?! And it’s empty calories and I can save up those WW points for something more substantial like a chocolate bar 🙂 On a serious note, I think I’m going to have to give up chocolate soon 😦 I don’t know how, but I will try.
Things that will aid weight loss:
  1. Swim. If it doesn’t, there’s something clearly wrong.
  2. Three times a week Zumba classes/Wii Zumba.
  3. Wii fit. You know, to keep tabs mid-weigh in.
  4. Thermabols. Although I don’t think I’ll keep taking these after my swim.
  5. No more takeaways/meals out/drinking.
  6. No more chocolate… *sob*
Hey, this might actually help the budget too with a bit of luck! Then I’ll have money to buy skinny minnie clothes and all will be awesome with the world. As always, I will keep you guys informed on what the hell is happening with my weight. Probs starting from tomorrow if I’m back to pre-Plymouth weight!

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