Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two: A Review

Holy smokes, I only just realised I hadn’t written a review about the film I saw at the cinema last weekend! That’s right, “holy smokes” is coming back… Ha!

So the fam and I went to eat some food at Frankie and BenBens and then waltzed down to the cinema to watch HPATDH, pt 2. As a non-reader but a watcher of the Harry Potter films (and the girlfriend of a Harry Potter’s #1 fan… seriously…), I feel quite sad that the series has come to an end. I watched HPATDH, pt 1 the other day, so I was all up to speed with what was going on, but to be honest, there was a recap about what was going on anyways, so even if you haven’t watched, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the fighting with magic feel of it.

I did actually really enjoy this film, but maybe that’s because I hadn’t read the books. Jay kept whispering, “They’ve missed loads of it out!” so I’m guessing for those who read it before watching, you are not going to impressed. But reading’s for losers…

That said, Neville Longbottom is officially my hero!

SPOILER – if you haven’t read the book or seen the film, stop reading here!

Seriously, the way he stood up to He Who Shall Not Be Named and battled it out in the war of good vs. evil. Everyone needs a bloody Neville in their life!

Maggie Smith (Professor McDonagal – sorry about spelling, Potter fans!) was awesome. The child in me was screaming, “I want to be her when I become a grown up witch!”

And there was a line that I got really confused at. When Mrs Malfoy walked up to Harry and whispered, “Is he dead, Draco? Is he dead?”, I thought to myself, “When did Draco Malfoy transform into Harry Potter?!” So, Mrs Malfoy, you were given like, 1 line in the film and it confused the viewer (not the reader).

All in all, awesome. Can’t wait for the Christmas box set to come out!


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