Itchy Mascara. Time for a change?


A couple of years ago, I read (or heard) that if you keep your mascara for a year, it becomes stale and will irritate your eyes. I don’t know if that’s why my eyes are so God damn itchy today, but I have ordered myself some new mascara this week (and it also comes with a free eyeliner! Always seeking a bargain!).

I remember when I bought the mascara I’m wearing today. I was still working in London, you see, and I forgot to put mascara on that day, so walked into Superdrug at Fenchurch Street station and picked up the mascara that was on offer. You know, I can’t even tell you the name of the mascara I’m wearing. I know the casing is pink, but I think it was a ‘limited edition’ (I love how they overuse that term to convey a colour change in the packaging) and I think it usually is encased in black.

My profession now differs from what it was a year ago, when I was buying that exact mascara tube. I used to wear make up every single day. Now, I don’t wear because I have to work in a swimming pool and to continue to apply, remove, apply and remove just does not economise my time in my day, so usually I am barefaced and proud!

But this week, lessons have finished so I have vowed to myself that I will wear make up every day I’m in the office and no where near a swimming pool. Bearing in mind, I will be in a swimming pool for 3 hours a day next week – but I will only have to apply and remove make up once instead of continuously. Today, I have not put any foundation on (seriously, the amount of spots would make my face resemble the texture of the moon’s surface…), but I have made an effort with the bronzer, cat’s eyes eyeliner, some eyeshadow highlighter and that very same mascara, which I am now regretting.

As mentioned before, I am now on YouTube and although I have only uploaded one video of the puppies, I am becoming a real life subscriber. I have subscribed to two channels so far and both are to do with make up and hair tutorials. I was never really that girly, you see. In fact, I’m still trying to pin-point when I became a girl, in the sense of wearing an inch thick amount of make up to go clubbing and would hide away if my eyebrows were not perfectly sculpted. The only point where I can see a change is at university and I still can’t even narrow it down to a year!

Anyways! Two channels I’ve subscribed to. Both are girls who always look completely stunning with flawless skin, as if they’ve just been pulled out from the pages of Vogue. One is my age, Scottish and she does all these little reviews on make up products (and is very strongly against make up with animal cruelty, which is good), shows you how to put on the make up the way she does. She even does little competitions where you can win random products – this week, it’s for a make up brush set, which I (shamefully) have entered, just because I need some good make up brushes and I’ve had mine for… (counts amount of years since I started university on my fingers) six years and they could do with being changed! The second lady is American, I’m unsure how old she is, but she creates different looks and shows you how to do them. Her make up is always absolutely flawless and she is really creative with all the looks that she either replicates or comes up with on her own – some of which I don’t have the guts to try out. Both have the cutest but tiniest dogs I have ever seen.

“Where are you going with this?” I hear you ask. Well. First, don’t question my brilliance. Secondly, with the help of my two YouTuber buddies, I’m hoping to transform my look. Or at least try and be adventurous a little bit more with ‘my look’. Firstly, I need whatever the hell foundation they are wearing! Here’s my issue with foundation; I have so many open pores on my cheeks that most foundations seem to emphasise them. I am currently using BareMinerals make up. Has anyone seen the advert when they’re like, “It feels like I have nothing on!“? Well, that’s because my skin looks like it has nothing on. Seriously, no change. I think I’m going to have to research into a really thick foundation that fills the holes in my face like Polyfiller. I need my buds to do a foundation special for losers like me.

I’m quite good when it comes to making up my eyes, however I have stuck with the cats eye eyeliner look for about two years now. Time for a change! Or to make it better. I’m not saying I’m going all Amy Winehouse-esque on the eyeliner, but just some change would be good. American YouTuber has a really cool idea, which uses eyeshadow as well, and creates this kinda wide eyed look. I’ll give that a go. Just need to buy some more eyeshadow…

I hardly ever put anything on my lips. My lips are all scaley and actually need a good conditioner, to be honest, but I don’t even know where to start with that! Well, friends, that will all change. I have two lipglosses at home and one bright red lipstick. Hahaha. May have to invest in some more…

I am inspired by these ladies of YouTube (and ‘Charlie bit my finger’… just for laughs – have you seen part 2?! He pretty much feeds him his finger and is still shocked by the whole process!) and I will of course keep you posted with how I get on when I try things. Maybe this will make me a little more confident whilst I’m waiting for the weight to drop off. Worth a try 🙂

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