And so, it begins…

Today’s the day of my first swim to swim the width of the Channel in the swimming pool. Yikes. When we were talking about it in March, I didn’t think it would come around so quickly. If I said I wasn’t nervous, I would be lying. I am crapping myself.

I have raised £4,700.00 altogether so far. I think that’s the most nerve-racking thing about this. I know I can swim and I’m a competent swimmer. Just people have sponsored me a lot of moneys and basically, I don’t want to let them down. I have put a bit of pressure on myself as well, due to over-thinking the whole challenge. I can swim a mile in 40 minutes, so if I keep my pace, I will swim 4 miles in 3 hours. I don’t know why I have put this pressure on myself! Particularly as I have the pool for 21 hours in total, so I can get away with doing a mile an hour no problem. Mostly, this thinking is not helping!

Positive thinking.

I even started thinking to myself last night about how it is only 21 hours out of my life and those 21 hours are to do something good, something worth while. If anyone else had to dedicate 21 hours to something, what would it be? I think I spent 21 hours a week drinking at university. At least this is something worthwhile, something to raise awareness about Cancer and something in memory of an amazing man. Still can see him laughing at me, or telling me I haven’t prepared hard enough for this!

How it’s going to go.

My Mum will be up in the gallery during this week to count my lengths. I told her she didn’t have to, but she said she didn’t want me to do it on my own and of course, I need some sort of ‘official’ to ensure I’m doing it right. So all I need to do is swim. I’m going to clear my mind and let my thoughts take me away with them. Until I look at the clock and realise I’ve only done ten minutes… of three hours… argh!!

Anyways, I’ll keep you updated via blog and on Facebook/Twitter as to how I’m doing everyday. If I could knock out 4 miles today, that would be an amazing start to the week!! NO PRESSURE!!


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