First Channel Swimming Session: Done

I was completely and utterly nervous throughout the whole of yesterday, waiting for my session to arrive. When it got here, I was talking complete bollocks to my Mum as I walked her to the gallery, to count my lengths. I lined my Lucozade bottles up, slid in – the pool was a few degrees colder than the pool I trained in, but I soon warmed up! – and off I went.


I was counting my lengths in the water, even though Mum had the clicker (you know, the things bouncers use to make sure they know how many people are in the bar?) and I was chuffed when my first quarter of a mile took 10 minutes. It meant I wasn’t going too fast or too slow, but at a nice even pace that I could keep to. Awesome.

My first mile took 40 minutes, as predicted. I was feeling awesome. George had turned up by then and chucked me down some goggles from the gallery. After a mile and a half in (half way from my minimum target), my shoulders started aching, pretty painfully. It felt like someone was jamming a golf ball up each of my armpits. Not comfortable. So I decided to change my stroke and I alternated between backstroke and breaststroke. This also meant I wasn’t focusing on the clock and just going at a pace I felt comfortable with.

I zoned out after this, counting up to 16 lengths, pausing for a drink and carrying on. I can’t really remember what else my brain was thinking.

Two hours, 15 minutes into the session

I HAD FINISHED MY 3 MILE TARGET. Seriously, big fat party in my head! I was so chuffed. I decided to finish there as I didn’t want to burn out on my first session and I can always swim further during the week. Tonight, I am planning on swimming the full three hours, to hopefully reach 7 miles and be a third of the way through my challenge! Really want to finish this thing early! I drove home and Jay was there with a big bowl of pasta (with a little bit of cheese) for me 🙂 Yay! Best boyfriend points for Jay 🙂

The morning after

This morning, my shoulders ache. Not as much as when I was swimming, but they still ache from the amount of work they did in that amount of time. Ultimately, I am looking forward to today’s session, but the pressure is still there to swim more than I have originally planned. I have also decided that, when this is done, I will swim a three mile session once a week to maintain fitness and aid weight loss. I am a happy bunny this morning. Back to water and wholegrain!

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