London Riots: My Thoughts

I am pretty disgusted to live in England at the moment, due to the chaos that is plastered all over news, social networking sites and real life conversations. Since Thursday, youths all over the UK have been rioting, looting, setting things on fire… Do you know what? The picture below will always haunt me forever.

The picture is from last night’s attacks in Croydon. The building is a family run furniture business, which has been running through five generations, 100 years. The owner was on Sky News this morning and he was extremely devastated, as I think anyone would be. His work, his business is now destroyed.

It’s not on. People are still looking to play the blame game. “It’s because a young man was shot dead by police.” “It’s because of this, because of that.” How about it’s because they bloody want to?! And I feel sorry for the man’s family, who are grieving and still have to hear that their son/brother/father have sparked off national riots. Which I have to say, is complete bollocks – there’s no way that because of this man’s death, riots have started to occur in Bristol, Liverpool and Birmingham, although the shooting was in London. It doesn’t make any sense, but then again, none of this really does.

The difference between England nowadays and England when I was growing up – that’s right, a mere couple of decades ago! – is that you were respectful to your parents, else there would be consequences; respectful of the law, else there would be consequences; respectful of other people and their belongings, else there would be consequences. Parents aren’t even allowed to smack their child for fear that they will call Childline. Police aren’t able to do anything for fear of being attacked back at their efforts. Other people are vulnerable of these yobs. My heart goes out to all the people who have had their lives ruined as these bastards set fire to their homes, businesses or loot their stock. What gives them the right to do things like that?

The light at the end of this, if indeed there is one, is the Twitter account @Riotcleanup, who is constantly on the move, helping to clear up the affected areas around London. However, I don’t think that the riots will stop there.

Am I scared? A little. London is only half an hour away from us and there are some dodgy areas in Essex, just as there is anywhere. I just hope the Essex yobbos know better than the ones that have already acted.


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