Second Channel Swimming Session: Done. Ish.

I did my quickest mile last night; the first mile only took me half an hour, so I was in a good mood. I had my cheerleaders (my Mum, Uncle Pat, my cousin and a friend from the pub :)) and I was feeling pretty awesome. The aches stopped as soon as I started swimming and no sensation of feeling golf balls up my arm pits. Although I’m starting to question my Mum’s counting methods, as she told me I’d done 156 lengths at one point, so I did 4 more lengths to finish the quarter off and checked with her and she’d somehow got 162…

What is frustrating is this; Aqua Aerobics started at 7:45pm and they consequently took out my lane rope. The pool was too busy (full of kids – grr, summer holidays! – and much faster swimmers than I am!) so I had to stop there. I was 22 lengths off of my 3 miles. Considering I wanted to do 4 miles last night, it really ticked me off – and I was feeling good about it and wanted to continue! But thinking about it, 22 lengths isn’t even half a mile, so I’m sure I’ll get that out of the way in less than 20 minutes.

Today, my neck is aching and there’s more aching in my shoulders, but I feel I can move them around more than I could yesterday! So that’s progress.

Tonight’s plans are to swim a wopping 5 miles. I am starting half an hour early than my scheduled time and I have to swim 320 lengths. Instead of having a water break every quarter of a mile, I will be having a water break every mile. Eep. But when I have achieved this, I will be over half way through my channel swim. And if I can do it tonight, what’s to say I can’t do it tomorrow or Friday?

So I’ve eaten my lunch (sushi and some tuna pasta) and I’m ploughing through my water like no one’s business. I’ll have to if I want to water break every mile instead of every quarter of a mile. I’m a bit worried tonight, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. Just got to get my head down and do it.


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