I am half way through my Channel swim! Hooray!!

Last night, I started early, as I needed to catch up from what happened at Aqua Aerobics. My first mile took 40 minutes and my pace was good 🙂 I had worked out that if I stuck to my pace, I could swim 5 and a quarter miles in 3 and a half hours. I didn’t. I swam 4 and a half miles, which is just as awesome! So I caught up on what I’d missed and done some more. Happy times.

Today, my legs have decided to ache too. So they join my neck and shoulder in the list of bits I want to saw off right now.

Tonight, I am planning on swimming at least 4 miles (Aqua Aerobics are back in!) and then I’ll be 6 miles from the finish (pretty much!). If I swim 4 miles tonight and tomorrow, I won’t have much at all to do on Saturday morning, and then I’ll be able to celebrate my fine achievement.

Still can’t believe I’m half way through. More water and time for wholegrain lunch!



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