Fourth Channel Swim Session: Done.

My first mile last night was complete and utter rubbish. It took me about 50 minutes. I wasn’t really up to swimming yesterday; I was aching a lot from the monster session before, but I knew I had to do something if I wanted to finish on Saturday. So off I went. My second mile, however, took 30 minutes! Even my Mum was shocked. I think my body had decided to co-operate and realised that I’m not going to stop until my brain told me to stop. For the first time during the swim, I started to think about Dad; memories of him and the accident and it kinda pushed me through.

Yesterday, Aqua Aerobics went ahead, but the pool only had three actual swimmers in it, so I could keep going. I did. I swam just over 3 and a half miles yesterday, until the aqua aerobics music was doing my head in and this grumpy member kept on looking at me as if I didn’t have a right to be there. I looked up at the gallery and Mum was sweltering, so decided to call it a day there. Went home, ate pasta, watched How To Train Your Dragon and an episode of South Park and slept like a baby.

This morning, I am not feeling achey at all, which has surprised me really. When I tense my chest, it hurts a little, but no where near compared to after the other sessions. Very happy with this; it doesn’t hurt to put my seat belt on any more!

So I have just over 7 miles left to swim. Can’t believe I’m almost two thirds into it, to be honest. Didn’t think I’d get through it, but I did. I suppose that proves wrong the ones who thought I couldn’t do it… More Lucozade and eating wholegrain!


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