Day 16 of WLB

I have been so rubbish with updating my WLB on everything, because of the swim – everything else has been on the back burner!

So I didn’t get to WW last week, as I was in a swimming pool – in case you didn’t know… – swimming my little heart out, and I won’t be at WW this evening as I am getting my hair cut and dyed. The last thing I wrote here was on the Wii fit, and I was a mere 13st, right?

This morning, I popped to Boots, as I had to get some tweezers to get rid of a stupid splinter in my foot – don’t ask – and I got on the scales in there. Today, I weigh 13st 1lb. This is half lb lower than when I went through that annoying plateau phase, before I put on after Plymouth. I’m not too phased by that, to be honest. I want to get into the 12st region and over the next week, that is my aim. I just have to work a bit harder.

Obstacles for this week:

Just the one actually…

  1. V festival. The food, the drink, the general being there. Although as we’re not camping, it won’t be as bad as it was in previous years as I won’t be eating and drinking as much there, so… fingers crossed it won’t screw weight loss over so bad.
Things that will help this week:
  1. Zumba classes tomorrow and Tuesday.
  2. Swimming sessions scheduled for Friday, Monday and Tuesday – possibly even Saturday if I’m not drastically hungover.
  3. More fruit – I’m going to be eating fruit for breakfast (which I don’t currently eat!) to help me speed up my metabolism – fruit is also 0 points!
I’m not going to use my activity points if I can help it – although I may need these for the alcohol and food consumed at V festival! Fingers crossed I get into the 12stone zone next week!

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