Uncooperative Hair and Scalp

If you have known me for 6 months, you’ll know I change my hair quite often. If you’ve known me for 6 years, you will have seen a variety of hair colours, styles, mistakes that I have made with my hair.

Last night, I got my hair blonded again. Just the roots and a tidy up, you know. I’m actually trying to grow it so I can spend more time doing my hair in the morning. Y’know, something to do ‘n all…

Bleach hurts. That is all I’m saying. Particularly when you have scalpy eczema which has been subject to chlorine for a week (did you know I swam the distance of the channel in a swimming pool, by the way? I feel I haven’t mentioned it enough to bore myself yet…). But the first time hurt enough. Shouldn’t it be getting easier now I’m the third time in? Shouldn’t my scalp be used to my monthly abusing of it?

Anyways. This time, I was planning on toning down the blonde. So hairdresser puts the toner on and says it will be a kinda beige – I was just going for ‘not so white’. Hair decides to scream “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!” to the toner as it tries to enter my hair follicles. It’s not quite beige but you know what, it is a little less ‘bleach blonde’. So I’m happy with it at 11.30pm when the hair is swept into the bin and the little mixing pots are washed up.

However, I’m not happy when said stupid scalp has decided to weep all night and my hair is all clamped together. Looking a bit like a zombie today, as I don’t want to wash it quite yet (two washes when I get my hair done is enough for one day!), so I’m having to deal. Don’t know how much longer I can put up with being blonde if my hair is going to do this.

Wow, I am cranky today.


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