V Festival 2011

After the worst warm up week ever in the history of time, I was a bit blah about going to V festival this year. I didn’t feel 100% during the week and with the amount of outgoings, I knew I wouldn’t be able to spend as much as I have done in previous years.

But c’est la vie and off we went to V fest. We weren’t camping this year, which didn’t bother me (camping never did either) but everyone said how nice it was to know that we could go home to a nice warm shower and comfy bed.

The first artist who we saw and who we actually knew was Aloe Blacc. I’m going to download his album when I get home. He was pretty phenomenal for a soul artist – and there aren’t many soul artists around anymore. Twas wicked.

Then, we went to see Cast. They are like an old school band and I didn’t actually think I knew who they were – and then they started singing “Guiding Star” which I’m sure you’ll all know if you YouTubed it. It was pissing down with rain at this point and I didn’t bring a rain mac. Sad times. I was soaked right through until my skin didn’t let the rain in anymore!

It stopped raining when Cast got off the stage and we waited around to see Example and Jessie J. George gave me my money back during Example – he was meant to buy me beer tokens with my cash, but didn’t coz he was lame. Jessie J was awesome! I love her anyway. It sucked that she had to sit down through her set (broken foot), but her energy and her voice generally give me goosebumps. We then wandered over to the main stage, stopping off for a giant Yorkshire pudding on the way. Noms.

We caught the last bit of Kaiser Chiefs and I took Vikki to the champagne bar to see my Mum 🙂 Mum was having an awesome time, with friend Sharon and cousin Megan, sipping Pimms. Vikki and I stayed there the rest of the day. I’m sure someone played before Plan B, but I don’t remember. I remember Plan B – his songs are drilled into my head as his album’s been in Mum’s car for a year and a half now… and we were having a right boogie to that! In fact, I’m still humming his songs today, which is a sign of an awesome artist.

And then, it started.

Artic Monkeys came on stage and I remember listening to them for a while. We were waiting for Mum’s friend so Uncle Pat could pick us up but she went missing since Plan B’s set (around two hours). I say missing, I mean she left without telling anyone where she was going. When she eventually came back, we marched to find Uncle Pat at Rose’s cafe and a little bit annoyed that he’d been waiting that long. To be fair, I would be too.

Mum’s friend was definitely drunk, but she was particularly rude to Jay for no apparent reason – it’s something she’s been known to do before, and Jay has only met her twice and generally does not rub people up the wrong way. Anyways, she’s cut out of everything. She ruined my Mum’s first experience of V fest and put a dampener on what was generally a really good day.


I was far too hungover to really move. I was throwing up and feeling really gross. Jay threw up too, so I got a funny feeling it was the pork in our Yorkshire puddings! So although we had a weekend non-camping ticket, the Sunday was wasted, which I don’t really mind about anyway. I saw everyone I wanted to see on the Saturday and I’m seeing Rihanna in October!

I would like to go again next year, but I am worried that V festival is getting a bit too commercial for my liking. Gone are the days when Snow Patrol were a little known band and Scissor Sisters were trying to break the UK at V festival. I don’t know what these festivals are turning into with Beyoncé headlining Glastonbury and Eminem headlining V festival.


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