Day 22 of WLB

After a weekend of boozing and eating Yorkshire puddings with pork and stuffing, I decided to bite the bullet and weigh myself at Boots yesterday. I had put on 1lb, which to be fair, could’ve been worse, the amount of champagne, wine, cider, pimms… I was drinking.

I’ve not been feeling 100% recently. I don’t know if it’s a delayed tiredness from my swim, but I’m feeling pretty groggy in myself and I’ve actually been poorly for the last few days (not including my beast of a hangover on Sunday). I’m seeing the doctor tonight, so hopefully, it’ll be resolved and I can carry on with my mish.

Jay and I have decided to go on an alcohol detox, so no more empty calories for God knows how long. I think I’ll find that easy as I only drink on Saturdays, whereas Jay sometimes drinks on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays! So I’m not too worried. We’re also jumping back onto the exercise wagon – I did go to a Zumba class last week before I felt unwell, so that’s something. I was planning another this evening, but probs not now…

So on Day #22 of WLB, here’s my summary:

Weight: 13.02st +1lb

Obstacles for this week:

  1. Someone’s last day at the pub on Saturday, so although I won’t be drinking, the pub’s chips and garlic mayo dip are to die for. Solution: eat before I go. BAM!
  2. Bank holiday Monday. Just because we have nothing planned, so chances are, we’ll end up sitting on the sofa, eating Doritos and dip (I have a thing for dip at the moment). Solution: make plans for Sunday and Monday to keep me from being bored – even if it means going on a 3 mile swim…
Things to help this week:
  1. Increase the exercise. I know one Zumba class wasn’t my original plan, but if I am feeling better this week, I am going to attend both of them and I will swim alongside them too. I may even have to start jogging. No silent ‘j’ (Anchorman reference).
  2. More fruit – I am fully aware that this was in last entry’s things to help, but I didn’t do it as I ran out of money… So whatever money I have laying around, I’m going to get me some strawberries and eat them with yoghurt for a staggering 3 points a pop. That’s like a third of a 6″ Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sub on wheat bread.
  3. More water. Since I’ve finished my swim, I just haven’t been drinking as much as I did. It’s leaving me feel more dehydrated and probs isn’t helping the groggyness.
Generally, I’m feeling a little demotivated this week, but I think that’s just me feeling sorry for myself being poorly. I will be going to WW tomorrow (stag as Mum can’t make it), to hopefully get me back on track. Fingers crossed!

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