Silver Lining Take 2.

Today has generally been a good day – we reached the amount of clients we were up to before one of our pools went wrong. Hooray!! – but then I got some news that would make me pretty mad. It doesn’t matter what the news is, it just has frustrated me to the ends of the earth.

Whenever you get some frustrating/angry news, everything else seems to piss you off too. So I opened my letters and found one that had said I’d gone into my overdraft and so my bank were charging me for the amount of days I was in there. !^$!@#$%

I got a bit teary then, as I transferred some money over from an account I shouldn’t be transferring money from, but I need it; pay day’s not til 15th September (where the hell has my money gone?!) (actually, they overpaid me by 100squids last month, so they’ve taken that back this month, which isn’t helpful!).

I decided to write this post to give me a silver lining, when things are looking completely and utterly terrible, to kinda focus on the good things that I can come up with in the not so distant future. So here are my silver linings:

  1. We might be getting a brand new pool at work. The location is awesome. But it does need a lot of work on it, but you know what? I’m taking that as a silver lining, if it works out. We could probably increase our client numbers by 50% if we get it all running properly.
  2. As I’m off the alcohol, I can save more money. Like, literally be a hermit for a month. I have been saving this week, as I had cash left over from V, so set myself a little challenge to only use that money left. Subway subs have been cancelled, as they are just far too expensive, but there’s a little sandwich shop near where I work and they are really reasonably priced (and probably healthier!) so I’m sticking with them for now. I have a 5er left for tomorrow as I’m spending 4squids on Zumba class tonight.
  3. I’m hoping with my alcohol detox, I’ll lose more weight than I have been. I won’t buy new clothes until I have lost a lot of weight – as per WLB, around December, so I won’t buy clothes until January at the very, very earliest – thus, saving more moneys. I seriously need to be better with my money. Or Jay has to be better at not eating the diet food I buy.
  4. Whilst this is going on, we’ll still be getting our puggle in December, so that’s more money to save up for. Most things come with the puppy when we first buy him/her, so that’s something we don’t have to worry about for a good month (again, January). The pool owners we saw today had two puggles and they were adorably cute so the obsession has kick-started again.

I think I have to come up with a spreadsheet of my outgoings and look at the things I can cut back on, for example the Subways!! Well, V festival isn’t for another year now and I have nothing massive planned from now on. I can then work out how much I can save a month, which I think could be quite a lot, if I’m serious about this. And then I can start paying back into the account that I shouldn’t have taken anything out of in the first place… I owe quite a lot back into there with my old job and this one! Of course, I’ll let you know how I get on with the savings. So far not so good with my last saving ideas, eh?!


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