Beauty Rules I Break (YouTube tag, but in a blog)

I saw this tag on my YouTube subscriptions list and thought, even though I don’t vlog (right now…), I could probably blog about the beauty rules I break. The video I stole this from is from one of my beauty subscriptions, Karris and can be seen here. It has to be said, I haven’t been crazily into beauty techniques until I first started uni, a mere 6 years ago, but because I have always had problem skin (acne and open pore woes!), my Mum took me to have facials when I was 16 – this soon had to stop when I became a poor student! But onwards and upwards!

  1. Taking make up off before bed. I am the worst at this, but because of the amount of swimming/swimming teaching I do, I don’t wear make up at work, so the majority of times I wear make up is when I’m out and drinking. And I drink too much when I’m out drinking and end up passing out on my bed about 8 out of 10 times. Yes, yes, I do.
    Two horrible things about this. The first, my skin is always oh so terrible the morning after (probably something to do with the drinking…) and so I should learn from my mistakes and either not drink too much on a night out or just go out with no make up on. The latter is not an option. The second horrible thing is that my pillow cases are cream, but they have stupid reminders of my eyeliner and mascara all over them. And it’s such a pain to get out. But hey. That’s my first, worst and shameful rule that I break.
  2. Moisturising. Particularly my body skin, but sometimes my face as well. As per my resolutions blog post (didn’t actually realise I mentioned not taking make up off in that one too…), I vowed to take better care of my face skin (which, in case you were wondering, I have kept to… minus taking the make up off before bed…) and so I have religiously cleansed, toned and moisturised twice a day with Wednesday evenings being my face-exfoliation night too. But my body skin is not so lucky! I have exfoliating gloves, which are awesome, but I don’t tend to moisturise my body skin. I don’t know if it’s laziness forgetfulness, but usually I don’t have the time. Again, with the amount of time I’m in a swimming pool, I should moisturise more, else I’ll end up a scaly old woman…
  3. Peeling nail varnish off my fingernails. It’s so addictive, it does not deserve to be a broken beauty rule! But I understand that it is probably not doing my nails any good *looks at the current state of my finger nails*If you could see my nails now, you would shake your head in shame! In fact, not taking care of my fingernails as a whole should be this one. I’m rubbish at filing them, so I just end up biting them when they’re annoying me… Horrible habit, particularly as I have lovely nails when I grow them. Perhaps I will invest more into them when I have more moneys!
  4. Continually changing my hair colour and not treating it properly afterwards. Bah! So I had red hair since September last year and then dramatically changed it to bleach blonde after a 5 hour bleaching stint a couple of months back, and my hair is not in good condition. I should spend some time looking into good shampoos/conditioners for bleach blonde hair (NOTE: I have found the Aussie shampoo and conditioner that I am currently using is rubbish for my hair, but I refuse to buy new shampoo until it’s all gone! My hair just feels like a grease ball afterwards, yuk!). I do have a purple shampoo which I use a couple of times a week to brighten up my toner in my hair and I use leave in conditioner as well (the Bed Head one), which I have found is good as heat protection for my hair when I straighten it (when and if I do). What I should do is go back to my natural colour and let my hair have a rest for now, but alas, I want to be blonde a little bit longer. And I can’t actually remember what my natural hair colour is…
  5. Not wearing anything on my lips when I wear make up. Although not a massive rule to break, my Mum is always telling me that lip colour completes a particular look or else you’ll look bare. My argument? “My lips are already a colour, they don’t need anything else on them. And I am wearing clothes, so I don’t look bare.”
    But I do have some bright red lipstick that I wear on particular occasions, when I want to give that POW! factor. Which isn’t very often. In fact, I haven’t ever paid any attention to my lips until recently when I invested in this as I sometimes suffer with scaly lips. It has worked (as in I no longer have lizard lips), but it still hasn’t persuaded me to put anything else on.  I have 2 lipglosses alongside the bright red lipstick, which is a pale pink lipgloss and a clear lipgloss. I think I need to experiment with lips more.
I’m sure there are more rules that I’ve broken than just those five, but I can’t think of any more right now. These are the obvious ones anyway! If anyone does have any useful comments regarding shampooing, moisturising, lipglossing and non-peelable nail varnish, please comment on this post! ‘Til next time, I’ll invite you all to think about what you’re doing wrong in terms of keeping yourselves pruned! Tut tut…

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