Day 29 of WLB

Looking back on the past nearly month, I have lost 1lb so far… Not very good, eh?! But then again, this month has been an exceedingly busy, erratic one!

I am on it like Sonic and I ate well at the Bank Holiday weekend, managing to get to the pool and swim at least a mile a time. I even got up early this morning and swam another mile and I’m going to a Zumba class this evening. The exercise has most definitely been stepped up a notch. I have bought some new training stuff (and a new swimming costume as the one I have been wearing has started going see-through…!) and I will probably start writing my own training sessions to help.

I have started eating breakfast. I have never really eaten breakfast before, so this is pretty new to me and it consists of Onken biopot yoghurt (150g = 2 points) and a banana (0 points). I eat it before I go for my swim in the morning, but I am finding it difficult to eat at this time, despite knowing that I need the energy to swim my distances. I am doing at least an hour and a half exercise per day, which is easy on Zumba days (Tuesday and Thursday), but I envisage them being difficult on the other days as it’s swimming non-stop for an hour and a half. But hey, let’s give it a go 🙂

My weigh in is not until tomorrow, so I am being extremely good today and tomorrow, in the effort to lose an extra lb or so. I haven’t weighed myself since my last WLB post, but I am hoping something has shifted.

This week, I don’t particularly have any obstacles to jump over and prevent my weight loss. I did have 1 pear cider on Saturday night, which has broken my alcohol detox, but I am back on the alcohol detox and I’m planning to not drink until at least mine and Jay’s 4 year anniversary which is next month. And even then, I don’t have to go mad on the alcohol front.

Oh, I just thought of a brief obstacle: I am going out to dinner with WLB on Thursday to Pizza Express. Pizza Express is fine though; a margarita pizza is 14 points, which isn’t as bad as a ‘non-low fat’ ready meal for example, and I know I’m going to be eating there and that is what I’ll be eating, so I can control what I’m eating during the day. Plus, I will be swimming and doing a Zumba class as well on Thursday, so I’m no worries.

I am more motivated than ever to get down to the lower stone range, or just so I’ve lost a stone since I’ve started WW. Fingers crossed, I’ve broken through it this week and will continue to lose for the rest of the year. My diet has not really affected my budget, particularly as I’ve stopped the expensive Subways and switched to healthier and cheaper Sandwich Shop, so I’m still planning on saving a preposterous amount of money for the puppy we’re getting in December.


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