14 weeks and 4 days…

That is how long I have until my next day off. Sad, isn’t it? What’s crazy is that I have that long to save for Fang! 14 weeks sounds a lot less than 3 months-ish. Just argh!

I’m really chuffed with my cutbacks so far and I’m really making an effort to not spend anymore than I have to. As of now, I have around £60* to spend for the next 2 weeks. I think it might actually be doable, as long as I am sensible. Which, to be honest, I am. Sometimes.

My lunch today cost £3.15 for a sandwich and a bottle of water, which is incredibly reasonable. For Subway, that would be just the 6″ Sub, so I can already see the benefits of switching things around to save a little bit of money (and be a little bit healthier). I’ll see the benefits more when I have more money in my account, I’m sure. Quick calculation: so, say I have that same sandwich and bottle of water for the next 9 working days up until pay day. That’s only £28.35 of my budget gone, which isn’t as bad as it could be! And that is a lot better than my £10 a day budget I tried earlier this year.

I am feeling like I have more control of my finances. For once. After just looking at my outgoings, I’m feeling pretty positive that I’ll have all the money I need for December – and hopefully, a little bit extra for Christmas presents! I don’t feel like I’m missing out on luxuries; I am still swimming, watching Sky TV and reading books that I have already bought and not had the time to read yet! And right now, I actually don’t mind being a bit of a hermit. Nothing is really happening anyway. Nothing really does in September, does it? It’s a boring month, just a filler until Halloween.

I can’t believe it’s the end of summer already. That’s pretty sucky. I didn’t really do as much as I wanted to with my summer this year. I had all these plans, but other things happened instead and, although I was busy every weekend throughout the summer, I have nothing really to show for it. Apart from a broken key in my front door from V festival! I really should get that fixed…

I’m still trying to work out a reasonable amount to save per month for Fang, I just don’t really know how to do it. I suppose we’ll take next pay day as our starting point and see how I go from there. And if it works out, I’ll try this method of saving all the time. I mean, why not? Then I can splurge on the good stuff later on 🙂

*In my bank account. Change in my purse does not count.


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