A bit of a ramble…

Last night, at weigh in, I lost 1lb! Woo! At least it’s going in the right direction, eh? Apparently, (read: so Jay says) if you keep up the exercise for four weeks, the weight starts dropping off you – you might not see a massive weight loss in these four weeks, but the weeks after (if you keep exercising, that is), it’ll melt away. That’s what we’re hoping for anyways. I’m going for a run tonight with my Mum as I didn’t exercise yesterday… But my legs are still tired from my pathetic run the other day, so I’m not expecting too much!

Anyways, enough about weight loss. I pollute every single one of my blog posts with information about how my weight loss is going and what exercise I’m doing, what obstacles entail during my week. Enough. For this post, I will just be rambling about some thoughts I had earlier today.

Sometimes I get the feeling that people get pissed off with my status updates, tweets and blog posts. I just wanted to respond to that, really. It’s easy enough to say, “If you don’t like it, don’t read it”, but I kind of wanted to give an explanation as to why I do it, I suppose.

Working in an office on my own for 80% of the week is pretty difficult. The only people I talk to during a working day are clients, who I don’t really have anything in common with, apart from baby swimming. I am not bitching or moaning that I hate working in an office on my own, because I don’t actually mind it too much. I get to do what I do in my own time; just sometimes, it is lonely. It’s a unique setting to be in an office on your own for an exceedingly long time, particularly as it has been like this for 8 months. And I’m sure this will all change in the new year when my maternity leave boss is back and the one who’s about to go on maternity leave comes back. It’s just one of those things.

So I suppose the main reason I’m getting at is I need some sort of social interaction outside my box of an office. But this, my friends, is not the sole reason for my limitless use of social networking sites. Oh no.

I have friends who are scattered all around the UK and the world. Even some of my family are! So I am guilty of using social networking to keep in contact with them and keep them up-to-date with my life (and their’s) as I don’t have the opportunity to talk to them every single day as I perhaps once did. I am still trying to arrange (through Facebook) a meeting with one of my very best friends from school, because she lives in London and I haven’t seen her for an age, but we’ve both been too busy. I should ping her today.

I do like to keep up with my friends and what they are up to and are going through. I think that’s what makes me a good friend; you know, to know and care about their hardships and to listen if they need to talk. One has their boyfriend and bestest friend coming home from Afghanistan today and in a few days. I have tried to be there when she’s felt down and even popped down to Plymouth to visit her a few times and I am genuinely the happiest person for her that they are coming home. Another checks in wherever they are on a regular basis and lets us know what they are doing there. My cousin has just had a baby and lives far away and frequently posts on how her baby is getting on. And that is family. Of course, I care how my family are getting on!

Roll your eyes when I post a status about how well my work is going. If you don’t like it, unfriend me. Laugh at me when I tweet something relatively geeky. If you don’t like it, don’t follow me. And don’t bother reading when I blog about my weight loss. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.


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