My Christmas 2011 Wish List

Too early, you say? It’s only like a hundred days til Christmas! People who read my blog, you will know what I want and you know, if you want to surprise me, go ahead… I’m obviously really subtle!

I have really been getting into my make up recently…

Cue: iPhone receives an email from Barry M about new nail varnish *sigh* which is a distant dream right now… *quietly sobs*

Before I was rudely interrupted by Barry! I haven’t ever really been massively into make up, because of my swimming and stuff, but it’s something I am really getting into recently. Next term, I am not teaching because my class was disbanded as not enough people wanted to continue and I have told my bosses that I don’t mind being just a cover teacher for now (if that’s all they need, that’s all they need and I don’t mind being in the office or out marketing  anyway), so I now have the opportunity to start my quest to full on girlyness.

I have been using Bare Minerals foundation since Christmas last year and, although it does not feel like I’m wearing make up, it does not give me the coverage I want on my face so I am looking for a change. I am pretty self conscious about the acne scars and open pores on my face and really need something to cover these up. I have been using the Bare Minerals primer, but it’s just not working on my face, so I don’t even know if I’m doing that right – I just need a straight forward primer and foundation, basically. Alongside this, when I use the Warmth powder, it just generally comes out bright orange and I do not wish to spend my days as an oompa loompa, although it kinda does come with the territory of being an Essex girl, I suppose.

So the foundations I have seen (on YouTube – yes, I am that person now) that seem to be pretty good are:

  1. Revlon Photo Ready. The only disadvantage of this is that it’s light reflecting so, ironically, is terrible for photos despite the name. Although I tend to avoid a camera right now, I am looking for a more long-term relationship with my foundation. So maybe I’ll look into this more when I’m no longer a hermit.
  2. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. Big problem with this is that it’s ex-pen-sive. But if it’s for Christmas, I’m sure the people (who love me and who I love…) could splurge a little? Right?
  3. Mac foundation. I don’t have a name, but I am willing to go to a Mac counter so they can diagnose me with the right primer, foundation, powder and anything else that will make me look completely flawless.
(I am warning you now, the format of my post has for some reason gone wrong… apologies…)
Next, bronzers. I used to use The Body Shop’s shimmer wave bronzer, which I still have a full palette of, and sometimes, when I don’t wear foundation, I can get away with wearing that on its own so I’m quite happy with that as an option. However, I’m a sucker when I’m being made up by a make up person in the middle of a department store and if they try and sell me some different bronzer, I’ll probs take that as well…
I wrote in a previous post (this one here) that I want to experiment more with lip colours and stuff, but I don’t even know where to start. So any advice on this would be beneficial right now, before I request this on my Christmas wish list!
I don’t particularly need any eye make up. When we were sorting out our spare room the other week, I found absolutely loads of eyeshadows that I’d forgotten I had and I am experimenting with them right now, which is keeping me nice and busy (and distracted from spending). I bought a new mascara the other week (because it came with a free eyeliner and I love eyeliner – particularly one that is waterproof! Eeep!!), which is Barry M’s Lash Modelling mascara and it is amazing. I was going to get my individual eyelashes put in for V festival the other week, but this gives exactly the same effect; my lashes look longer and curlier. I am in love with it and it saved me £30 from getting my eyelashes done! Good, Mascara.
I need these products to be completely suitable for my frequent hair changes. I know this time next year my hair will not be in the same style or the same colour, so I need flexible make up ranges too. Hard, eh? My other obsession is with nail varnishes, so any colour from Barry M would be awesome for Christmas this year. I think I change my nail colour every week, so 52 would be suitable so I could have a different colour every week 🙂
Moving away from make up (not hugely, because it is still linked! Really giving this girly thing a go!), I need to look into good storage ideas for my make up and jewellery. I have no idea where to start. My set up right now is on a chest of drawers (which isn’t the most comfortable to sit at as it’s a bit too high for me, but it’s better than the dining room table where all my make up stuff has been living for a while…) and all of my make up is spread out on the top. I don’t even use the drawers efficiently and I’m sure most of them are empty.  Jewellery is one thing that I have trouble storing, because everything always gets tangled up and therefore, non-reusable as I get frustrated with undoing knots (circa 7 years ago, when I used to have to untangle lane ropes – not a fun job, I tell you, because you get absolutely soaked!). So I need to browse through storage solutions. My Mum has this awesome way of storing her lipsticks and lipglosses in her dressing table; it’s in her drawer, it’s like an old make up counter’s insides and it seperates them so she can see the shades and everything else. I need something just as functional! Eventually, I want a dressing table like this IKEA one, although with more drawers, else it defeats the object… Maybe it’s something to look into when we move elsewhere.
Other than that, for Christmas, I would love clothes vouchers, as I’ll still be dieting into the new year, and books tokens, as I will still be reading in the new year. So now you know. Maybe you guys should start saving?! Haha.

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