Sunny September

I think, for as long as I can remember, Septembers have always been kinda sunny. Since Mum has been back from Tenerife, she has been out in the garden sunbathing – and I have been sweltering in the heat (and curry flavours) of our office (and the Indian restaurant next door). I know September days were definitely hot each and every time I went back to Plymouth to start another year of essay-writing and partying, and most of us would be in the garden of CPT, kicking the year off with a BBQ.

September is sunny for me at the moment. I have realised that, although I do bitch, whine and moan about everything and anything when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, life in my little world is not that bad. I have a good family, who although sometimes piss me off with astounding frequency, they aren’t too bad at being supportive and caring. I have an awesome boyfriend, who puts up with my shoddy moods and still offers to buy me nail varnish that I can’t afford on my strict budget. My job is good; we have now reached 340 babies, which is only 10 off of what we were meant to get to and we might still even reach it. My friends are having a happy time, which makes me have a happy time. I am sticking to my budget, which is a first! Just everything is falling into place.

The only downer is my weight, which I am trying so hard to do something about. I didn’t eat particularly badly, but I didn’t exercise enough as I would’ve liked as the pool shut early for a pool party booking. Annoying. No fear; I’ll be swimming this evening for as long as I am able to, and I’ll be going straight from work, so there’s no time for excuses. I was going to weigh myself today to see how I was getting on, but I chickened out. I figured I’ll just wait for every Wednesday evening, but I have no idea how I’ve got on this week so I’m a bit nervous. Just any kind of loss would be good. Only 2 more days left to go…


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