WLB: Day 38. Happiness!

Last night, at weigh in, I lost 1lb. I know it is only 1lb, but every lb counts and I am really really chuffed with myself; this is the lightest I have been since starting the WW diet – and I suppose I really have my WLB to thank for my successes. She’s the other end of the email/Whats App/text message whenever I’m feeling demotivated about weight loss and just want to eat pizza and chips (mmm… pizza and chips…).

I have reached my 5% weight loss and I’m feeling happier than ever. It’s just another 10lbs until the 10% weight loss and obviously, I’ll be loads nearer my 10 stone target.

So obstacles for this week?

  1. Uncle Jim’s 50th and a family friend’s 21st birthdays. Although, I am driving and not drinking, so it should be fiiiine, but both have food and drink to celebrate. Must track whatever goes in my mouth.
Other than that, nothing planned as I am a hermit to get my finances under control! Things to aid with weight loss this week?
  1. MOAR TRAINING. I have received my Speedo kickboard, so I’m going to vary training in the pool. I feel Wednesdays are going to be my legs only training days… RunKeeper has been helping with keeping track of what I am doing, so I would recommend it to people who want to improve fitness.
  2. MOAR FRUIT. I have increased my fruit intake, but I want to eat more. This will probably start from next Thursday (pay day!) as fruit is expensive.
  3. MOAR WATER. I’ve still not got my drinking water under control, but I really need to get organised and get this sorted. Water melts fat.
So there we have it. Another week 🙂 Bring on a bigger weight loss next week!

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