I haven’t mentioned Dad for a while on a blog post, and that’s not to say I haven’t thought about my Dad. I think about him everyday – particularly whilst I’m on my diet as I definitely inherit his heavy genes! But yesterday, I thought about him a little bit more than I would usually, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Yesterday, I went to Southend for work to fit babies with nappy covers. Every time I go to Southend, which isn’t very often and is usually for work, I think of my Dad. It reminds me of a couple of years back, when we were redoing my house, and he made me come with him to a second-hand shop in Southend to sell our mantle piece from the fireplace we had blocked up.

We didn’t know what it was worth and Dad, being Dad, had called the shop in advance to discuss what it could be worth. The woman on the phone said £50, and Dad thought that was worth driving down to Southend for.

When we (finally) found the shop, we parked around the back of it, on some double yellow lines and Dad told me to stay in the car in case someone came to fine us so, me being me, I did what I was told and sat in the front seat, playing on my phone. The boot opened, the man came out to help my Dad with the mantle piece and the deal was dealt.

Dad got back in the car, looking somewhat chuffed with himself. “Guess what?” he smirked, as he programmed the sat nav to take us on the quickest route back and turned the car around. “Sold it for £80, didn’t I?!” He laughed at his cheekiness and how he had got away with making an extra £30 on a mantle piece that looked really outdated and rubbish. Turns out the guy hadn’t conferred with the woman on the phone and when he asked Dad for the quote, Dad said £80. Jammy sod!

That memory always pops into my head, every time I visit Southend. I don’t drive past the shop and I couldn’t actually tell you where that shop was in Southend! But when I go there, it’s a happy memory of my Dad and it always gives me butterflies in my stomach. I do miss him and I most definitely still think about him. But, as opposed to last year and focusing on him not being here any more, my memories have turned to reflect the happier times that I’ve shared with him. I am really proud to have had him in my life 🙂

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