As I sit here and write, I have no idea what this post is going to be about. Weight loss will come in here at some point, I’m sure… But for now, let’s just pointlessly ramble.

The office has been so quiet the last few days. It always is at the beginning of term, because we’re not chasing up peeps on our waiting list; we are just seeing how it goes. There is the odd enquiry on an email, but unfortunately, these often do not lead to anything. Spoke too soon; the phone just rang to rearrange a lesson. Quick and easy.

The weekend was good. It was my Uncle Jim’s 50th birthday on Friday, so we all went to the pub and I had 4 Magners pear ciders, breaking my alcohol detox. Well, how often does an Uncle turn 50?! To be honest, I’d had such a nice week, I felt I deserved each and every drop of those ciders. And I came home, quite sober and content.

Saturday, I swam, although I could still taste the cider in my breath. I just needed to swim. My swimming has become lax recently, but I’m hoping that’ll change. Jodi has introduced me, not only to RunKeeper but to Fitocracy, which is kinda like Facebook, but with levels when you do enough exercise to go up a level and stuff. I joined last week, and after I tracked my first mile swim on Saturday, I’d got to Level 4. I wonder what level I’d be up to now if I had started Fitocracy during my channel swim?

Speaking of the channel swim, I have been inspired by David Walliams and I’m kinda thinking about swimming the length of the Thames in a swimming pool. Perhaps not next year, but in the future when I’m super fit again. However, that is like 7 times what I swam for the channel swim, so it’s really, really daunting. I think I would quite literally have to swim for 8 hours during the day. And think of the people who are counting my lengths. Ouch.

Sunday, I went for another swim. Saturday night was a sober affair, so I didn’t have to suffer terrible alcohol breath from the night before, but I found Sunday to be a massive strain (I didn’t eat or drink anything before I went may have something to do with it…) and my legs were killing me. No pain, no gain, as they say. I walked to my Mum’s new project, which is only 2 minutes down the road and I had to sit down as soon as I got there, because my legs were so stiff! Yuk.

This morning, my skin has had a bit of a break out and I always blame the swimming and the chlorine in the pool. That, and I didn’t sleep very well last night. I had a case of BDD yesterday and was pretty upset most of the afternoon, which doesn’t help me settle at night. I don’t usually put any make up on break outs, because it makes it look worse than it is, so today, I’m all natural apart from my blue liner, lining my bottom eyelashes and my liquid black, laying my top eyelid, with the heaps of mascara I pile on!

Tonight, I will be swimming after work, as far as I can do. I am focusing on legs only tonight, and I’m planning on swimming half a mile with a kickboard. When I was ‘training’ for my swim, I used to swim a mile on the kickboard, but tonight, I think half a mile is adequate and I can swim the rest of it backstroke – I may even swim a mile backstroke, I suppose it depends how I’m feeling.

Thank goodness, I’m getting paid on Thursday. I am down to my last pennies and I had my lunch at Greggs today, because it was cheaper and if you spend over £3, you can use your card and I can’t even take out £10 at the mo, haha. Such a sad case… But August was a bit of a hectic month, so my monies should last me a little longer this month, particularly as I’m meant to be saving as much as I can for puppy amongst other bits and pieces. I will do my online shop as soon as I am paid and order my dinners for the month, so that’ll be one less expense to think about. Yes, my dinners do consist of WW frozen ready meals and soups, because I find that it is easier for me to keep track of my points and they obviously last longer than real life fresh food. The only fresh things I buy at the moment are fruit, yoghurt and bread, because they’re the only other things I really need. My lunch is bought at work – must try making lunch at home, but at £3, lunch at work isn’t really too expensive.

So Project Save-My-Money is a go. Thank God for that. Exercise is doing well. Yippee. It’s mine and Jay’s anniversary this weekend, so I will have to be good then; although I think we are just going to be wandering around London all day, seeing what’s what (and I will be tracking how much walking I do via RunKeeper to put onto Fitocracy). I don’t know if I’ve lost any weight this week, due to the cider and the roast I had on Sunday, but I’m working harder this week, so fingers crossed we’ll see some more results soon! I think that’s almost everything important in my life I’ve rambled about… so… I’ll leave it there for now!


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