Relief and Fright

This morning, I cut up my credit card. I thought to myself, if I’m going to try and save as much money as possible, this means not being in as much debt. The problem is my WW membership comes out of the credit card, but that’s okay. That’s the only thing that is a direct debit on there and it’s fine.

What made me come to this realisation? I got my credit card bill yesterday and paid off double the minimum payment today. But that money could have been used for something else, like petrol or food. It generally is a waste of time and money. I feel a sense of relief as I shredded the card with my pink-handled scissors, but I must admit, I did feel a little frightened. To be fair, I only had that credit card since Christmas last year, so it’s not really made that much of an impact on my life. It has helped me to buy *cough* my Barry M nail varnish *cough* and swimming gear that I really needed and pay off those parking tickets I got and couldn’t afford to pay off at the time. It has helped me decorate my spare room with the canvas I bought from Next. What if I want to buy something else to help improve my life?

Well, fact is, I can’t. Not until the new year.

I got paid early this week for some reason unknown to me and I have done my online shop to be delivered tonight. That’s all my dinners for the month paid for, so now I don’t have to worry about many more outgoings for food, just my lunches. I even managed to buy more food for this month for the same amount I’d usually spend, so I’ve saved more for next month! Woo! It would be so convenient for my money and my diet if our office landlord would let us have a microwave…

After work, I’m filling my car up with petrol, which will last for 2 weeks as I have nothing planned that involves driving to different pools or differs massively from driving to and from home, work or the swimming pool. It helps that the cheapest petrol around my area is on my drive home from work. Hooray!

I feel really happy that I’m giving this saving malarchy a good go and I am feeling confident we will have enough for puppy and puppy bits in a few months with my sticking to this. I looked on the Pets at Home website the other day and they seem to have special online offers. And if all else fails, there’s always good old eBay!

What we're saving for...


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