I may have just purchased something that wasn’t included in the budget…

So. As you may have guessed, I am slowly becoming obsessed with finding tips, tricks and reviews about make up, hair and general girlyness all over the Internet. And then, I discovered a phenomenon. I found it on another recently found life-saver on Mel’s blog, which I found stumbled upon and I am ever so happy that I did find her! She reviews a whole wide variety of products and always gives an honest opinion as to how they turn out; when my hair is a bit longer (and I’m no longer being a strict saver!), I will be buying the Halo Hair Extensions’ Halo, which looks incredibly awesome!

Reading through my tweets (I am following her on Twitter as well… I’m sure these ladies think I’m some weirdo stalker, but I promise I’m not!), I discovered Mel had posted today, so I trundled over to her website and there it was. My phenomenon. Glossy Box.

How have I never heard of this before?!! I am quite angry at the Internet for not showing this to me earlier! Basically, Glossy Box sends you five miniature brand spanking new products to try and test and see what you think. Not only that, it comes with some tips and tricks for these products too, which I’m sure will come in handy as I’m pretty new to this thing. I’m not a beauty blogger (yet…), but I think it will come quite useful for me to discover what I actually need and what works for me. Although Mel’s review today shows one of the products has been damaged, just oh my goodness at the variety of stuff you get each month for £10 a pop! And you know what? I’m not buying myself anything else at the moment, so I might as well invest in something that is useful for me. And you can cancel it whenever you like. It just seems to be the perfect idea, particularly for those, saving for a puppy…

So thank you, Mel for enlightening me! And I am eagerly awaiting my first glossy box! Cue: girly clapping and screaming.


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