WLB: Day 46

This week was a bit of a surprisingly weigh in. I hadn’t been eating especially well and I hadn’t exercised most of the week. I’d even drank 4 bottles of Magners at the weekend. And then, it happened.

2lbs lost!! WOOOO!!! I’m only 2lbs off my first stone lost at WW. I know this has taken some time, considering I started WW in February… but I am pretty happy with my progress. There were some weeks where I was like, “I’m not going to stop doing things that I want to do for a diet”, which has obviously affected how quickly my weight has been coming off. But I am so chuffed with myself. I’m’a show you the graph on WW online, which monitors my weight loss… That is, if WordPress will let me…:

That has been my rocky little road from February until now. It actually looks like I’ve got the hang of it from the last few weeks, eh? The little stars in the graph are my 7lbs and 5% weight loss. After my 5% weight loss, we went to Dubai and drank lots of frozen daiquiris. And that’s why it’s yellow, because I made that as a note 🙂

I’m recording my walking from now on, because I tend to do a lot of that and don’t necessarily track it on RunKeeper/Fitocracy/WW tracker. I’ve even started to park far away from work to get a little bit more exercise in than I would usually. Go me! Today I tracked a 6 minute (0.4 of a mile, lolz) walk to go and get my breakfast and come to work. At lunchtime, I’m going on a massive walk around Hornchurch, because I need to pick up some cleaning necessities at the supermarket which is a fair while away and I can track my walking around the supermarket, to getting my lunch, to coming back in the office. Seriously, all these tools are a God send!

Tomorrow, Jay and I are scheduled to go to London for our 4 year anniversary but apparently the weather’s meant to be crap, so I don’t know what we’re doing now. We were planning a massive wander (RunKeepering it again!) so I don’t know what’s going to happen with that now.

I am going to swim more next week as I have let this slip a bit – and I will be trying ‘tabatas’ running, after Jodi (the fitness Guru!) told me about it and it’s worth a shot. I absolutely hate running, so the less I have to do of it, the better.

I am generally feeling really positive about my weight loss now and I want to keep at it until I am my 10 stone goal weight. Even looking at the graph now, that is a fair way to go, but I am motivated and I will get there. I will be a size 10 yet again! Hopefully by the end of the year…


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