Four Years.

It’s hard to believe that Jay and I have been together for four years last weekend. Sometimes, it feels like longer and other times, it feels like shorter. It’s not a massive anniversary, but it is double my previous longest relationship, so we both must be happy enough to keep it going 🙂

The 17th September fell on a Saturday this year, so instead of staying in and watching TV, we decided to go for a massive long wander around London. We hopped on a train and started our walk at Fenchurch Street station. We walked through Borough Market, which I had never been to, even though I worked about 20 minutes from there when I was working in London… and we went to The Clink museum, which is the oldest prison in London. It was £7 each, which was a bit much considering it was only 7 square metres. It freaked me out in there and Jay kept talking about how many people had probably died in there. Ergh.

We carried on our little journey and found a Zizzi’s where we shared pizza and calamari, Lady and the Tramp style. Ha. Not really. But yeah, pizza was good, calamari was good and my glass of wine wasn’t too shabby either! We were by the window and, during our passing judgements at what people were wearing and how ridiculous they looked, we saw Gok Wan walk past us! I was star struck; I never see anyone famous. Apart from that time where Mum sat next to Michael Barrymore on the plane. But we don’t mention that very often.

After we stuffed our faces, we carried on with our wander to St. Paul’s Cathedral over the Millenium (not so wobbly any more) bridge. My dream of playing the saxophone was reignited when I heard a busker playing ‘Careless Whisper’ in almost husky tones. I love the sax, I learnt how to play the clarinet when I was younger and wanted to move onto the sax a couple of years ago, but never got around to it. Maybe next year.

We found a shopping mall and I bought some leggings. Well, I say ‘bought’, I found a Top Shop card in my purse, but didn’t know how much was on it; took it to the counter and I had enough to buy the leggings! Yay! Bonus! Jay showed me the Timberland boots he wants to buy and I was being a bad influence and telling him that he’d get good use out of them, but he wasn’t persuaded.

And then, the long walk back to the train station. I was feeling tired from the wine, food and walk by then. Anyways, if you want to see an actual map of where we walked, here’s one (thank you, RunKeeper):

Cool, eh? That’s 4.81 miles of walking. Wowzer.

Then, we took the train home and chilled in front of the TV. I napped.

Overall, I had a really awesome day with Jay 🙂 I hope he had a good one too! Can’t wait for our next date! Ha!


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