Good Budget

Just a quick post about my budget and how well it’s going! It really is. I am shocked, and I bet you are too!

I have 18 days until next pay day and I am actually really into the black, it’s unreal! More into the black than I would be usually at this point of the month. I think it’s mainly due to switching my food from (the expensive) Subway to (the inexpensive) Greggs or Sandwich Shop. I am so chuffed with myself.

So far, this month, I have saved £100. I’m hoping to have saved at least another £100 from this month’s wages. It’s not been difficult at all; I haven’t really noticed that I ‘haven’t gone out so much’, because that’s not really been the case, as I have been going out for dinners and lunches. I haven’t been drinking as much, which is good for the wallet and the weight loss.

I am pretty confident I’ll have enough money saved for the pup. I have at least another two pay cheques coming through before we get him/her and I start taking my pup holiday in 82 precious days. I can’t quite believe it’s December in 82 days, but I’m going with it!

Looking to the future, I think it is likely that I will stick to this budget in 2012. Well, at least the first few months in 2012, before I start buying some new clothes with my fab size 8 (lolz) figure. I always think it’s good to have something stocked up for a rainy day, as I’ve said in a previous post. Plus, you don’t know when someone’ll break into your car or you’ll get a parking ticket or something equally as ridiculous that I’ve had happen to me this year.

I have a few hols lined up for next year as well. I’m going to Tenerife twice with Mum (once in April over Easter and again in summer, with one of her friends and her friend’s daughter) and I’m planning to go to Tenerife with my Plymouth girls but they can’t seem to get together and decide on dates or for how long, so I’m going to have to save up for these. I’m sure Jay and I will also go on holiday at some point next year, but when is a different story! Then, of course, V festival next year and we’re thinking of doing some more festivals next year.

Jay and I are planning on moving house next year too, so that means saving for the work that needs to be done in our current house and saving for some work that will inevitably need to be done in the new one! I think 2012 is going to be a mental one, just looking at those in the pipeline!

They all seem like grown up things to be worried about, though. I think these last couple of years have most definitely seen me mature, in comparison to university Franno. I remember when I was 16 and the whole of my £40 per month allowance was spent on phone credit. Now that £40 would go towards something more substantial, like electricity bills. Just when did this happen to me?!


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