Two and a Half Men with Ashton

Last night was the first ever episode of Two and a Half Men with Ashton Kutcher. You’re probably thinking, “Why on earth is she writing a post about this?” so, dear Reader, let me explain.

Two and a Half Men is quite sentimental in my family. It reminds me of my Dad, when I was living there and when I would pop in during the week after work. Two and a Half Men was always on in the background. Dad and I always used to sing the theme tune; I would start with the “Men, men, men, men, manly, men, men, men…” and he would join in. It would be a laugh; a happy memory now.

Charlie Sheen made that show; I don’t care what anyone else says. Without the booze-ridden, gambling, man-whore of an uncle, I’m completely unsure what Two and a Half Men has going for it. Unless they can make any spin-off’s, regarding Jake’s teenage woes, but I always thought Jake was funnier as a little’un. That could just be me.


And now they’ve killed him off, there’s no way Charlie’s ever going to come back. Jay said they could probably get around it, but it’s very doubtful that Charlie Sheen would ever come back anyways, after calling Chuck Lorre (the writer) all the names under the sun.

I digress.

I absolutely loved the funeral scene with all of Charlie’s flings, Mia and Chelsea all under one roof, waiting to spit onto the coffin of Charlie Harper. So enter Walden Schmidt, soaked from trying to kill himself in the ocean and hopelessly useless in love it would seem which is completely the opposite from what Charlie. Perhaps a breath of fresh air? However, at the end of the episode, Walden exposed a Charlie Harper-esque streak, so I don’t know how far the rubbish with women thing will go.

I love that they are still using Charlie’s beach house – Jay got a bit upset when he saw Charlie’s piano in the corner and reminisced about ‘Charlie Waffles’ – but the introduction of Ash last night seemed as if he was just passing through, like we weren’t going to see him after that ep and that he’ll throw Alan and Jake out on the street or worse; to Evelyn’s house.

Still, I await Chuck to prove me wrong and will be watching Walden’s relationships form with Alan, Jake, Berta; perhaps even a new obsession for Rose to stalk. Fingers crossed that the impact that Charlie had on the show will slowly diminish, for Ashton’s sake!

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