WLB: Day 52

So my weight stayed the same last night at weigh in 😦 Sad times. I didn’t quite reach my stone goal, but at least I didn’t put on! That’s the main thing through this; I can stay the same as long as I don’t put on!

I have had a brain wave and I am going to swim the width of the channel once a month. I am starting my second channel swim tomorrow morning at 6.30am. I am not a morning person, but I need to do this to ensure that I lose for next week! Even if it’s half a pound, it still makes up a whole one, so I am on it like sonic again this week.

Jay has joined Fitocracy and has now overtaken my level, which I am a bit sad about! Yay for him, boo for me. No fair! Hopefully, I should catch him up this week with my swim! I am still making a conscious effort to walk everywhere I can; I even walked to my Mum’s last night which is like, 0.3 miles but usually I’m so lazy and drive… All this activity adds up to more points!!

I have a few obstacles this week, which will not help my weight loss:

  1. Brother’s going back to uni dinner. Every time one of us went back to uni, we’d go out for a meal the night before. Brother goes back tomorrow, we’re out for a meal tonight. We’re going Frankie and Benny’s, which isn’t the healthiest, but I’m going to try and be really really good. I haven’t eaten badly today, so I have a fair few points to eat tonight.
  2. Dinner and drinks with friends. I am finally meeting up with Anu after months and months and months and we are going to Nando’s on Friday night. I’m not worried; you can make healthy choices in there and all the points are on the WW app, so I will be good. Plus, I’m starting my swim then, so it’ll all equal out!
  3. Lunch and Leaving Drinks. I am having lunch at the Green Man with Mum and some of her friends on Saturday. Pub grub is not the healthiest… But I’ll try and be as good as I can be. Mum and I are going for a massive walk (to the high street and back) before we get to the pub, to earn some more points. I won’t be able to swim on Saturday because of lunch and the pool opening at 1pm, but hopefully, the walk will make up for it. It’s one of our friends’ leaving drinks in the pub on Saturday night and I will be drinking. Not much, I might add. I think I’ll just have a couple of Pear Magners and leave it at that.
And those are my obstacles to face this week. Things I have to change this week are:
  1. I must get up earlier to get breakfast in my belly. Seriously. I have been so lazy and keep getting up five minutes before I have to leave for work (and remarkably, still shower, choose what I’m wearing, get dressed and put my make up on – and leave on time!). If I just get up 10 minutes earlier, I’ll be able to make breakfast and eat it. Particularly during this channel swim, where I am planning to be in the pool at 6.30am. I’ll have to get up at 5.50am! Baaaah!!
  2. MORE WATER! It seems like I write this every single week, but I’m still not doing it! I buy a 1.5 litre bottle on my lunch break with my cheap sandwich and have started making it a habit now.
  3. More exercise. Even though I am swimming my channel again this week, I have to make sure that I keep going, even when I’m not swimming it. I have let this slip a lot recently and that’s not been helpful for my weight loss. Even if it’s for half hour, I must get in that pool and keep my body moving! My running efforts have been rubbish. I’ll have to start again after my channel swim…
So there we have it. I need to lose that 2lb next week, which I think it doable, as long as I make good, healthy choices. And stick to my things to change. I know I’ll get there; I am really motivated this week.

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