Budget Screw Up

So, in case you haven’t been reading, I am on my very strict budget to save for puppy in December. I was doing oh so well and have saved £100 this month so far.

And then…

Stupid household insurance needs to be paid this month! D’oh!! So that’s £300 of my finest pounds to the insurer, and I have just sobbed my card details down the phone to him. I. Am. Gutted. Because that £300 wasn’t going to be spent on anything else and I would’ve saved enough for most of my puppy stuff! Mum helped me out with my insurance but gave it to me, in cash, before going to the pub, which was a) holding a beer and sausage festival and b) one of our friends’ leaving do. Bad move. A few ciders and ‘summer fruits’ sambuccas later and I am ridiculous. And Jay and I both needed a hangover pizza yesterday. Bye bye, half the money that Mum helped me out with.

It’s okay, I just cannot afford to do anything else this month or next month. Although I am going to dinner with a friend in London on Friday. And I am going to Chelmsford next week. I’ll just have to do it all on an even stricter budget, like £10 for the dinner and £20 for clubbing. It’s not long til pay day, so I’m sure I’ll be okay. I’m going to make the most of my pool membership, I think.

I am starting another channel swim this evening, so that’s something, eh? I have to swim at least three miles tonight, which is like, no pressure. I just have to get back into my fitness, back off the booze (although last Saturday has been my first time drinking for a fair while, which explains the day long hangover yesterday…) and focus more upon my weight loss, in order to stop spending additional pennies.

It’s not for much longer anyway. My puppy holiday starts in 77 days (yikes!), and then ’tis the season to be jolly and eat lots of chocolate and turkey and to spend a little bit more. Ergh, just the thought of that makes me a little bit sick.

Jay and I might be moving sooner than we thought as well, somewhere with a garden and bigger rooms and stuff. So another thing to start saving for. I need more money for the lifestyle I want to live!!



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