GlossyBox #1: September 2011 [PICTURES COMING SOON]

I thought I’d try my hand at writing a ‘beauty review’ in my blog. I have been reading a lot of beauty blogs recently and I figure that I could try my hand at them. Although I don’t buy a lot of make up generally, I figured it’d be good to perhaps write my Glossy Box review; this will be a monthly ‘beauty’ stuffs and it will be what I think of the 5 ‘future classics’ in my monthly Glossy Box. I would like to apologise about the half-arsed look of this particular post, but I left my phone cable at work and most people got their Glossy Box on 16th, so I am well behind! But usually, I will do photos with it, just so you can see how awesome my new subscription is!

Firstly, I must say that I was incredibly impressed with how awesome my box looked when it arrived the other day. The box looks very luxurious in baby pink. The products, wrapped in brown tissue and tied with a bow. Lovely. I felt girly just looking at it. There was also a card in there with a whole bunch of discounts should you want to buy more of what you got in your box. Awesome. Savings!

So let’s start with something easy, eh?

  1. Plum by Mary Greenwell. This is a lovely little perfume, although perhaps a bit musty for my liking. I can’t really smell the plum… But maybe when it’s released, it’ll be in a plum-like bottle. It does smell more fruity than flowery but I have just changed my perfume (to D&G 3 L’Imperatrice), so this was a product I wasn’t really interested in. But I will put it in my drawer to make my drawers smell nice 🙂 (does anyone else do that, or just me?!) I wouldn’t necessarily buy this product, but hey; it’s good to have something to make your things smell nice too 🙂
  2. The Green Balm by Móa. This came in a tiny little container, similar to other lip balms, which I immediately (almost automatically) applied to my lips and it has generally made them softer, so I would definitely use this as a lip balm. It does smell a bit medicine-y, kinda like Vix that you use to put on your pillow when you had a cold? But upon further reading, on the Glossy Box website, there are a billion uses for this tiny little pot.  The Glossy Box website states that you can use it as a cleanser and that it will ‘steam away the oil along with the other grime and impurities and seal in the essential oil goodness’. I just don’t know if they’ve sent enough for me to try it as a full blown cleanser, but I did try it to take my eye make up off this evening. It did make my eyes feel refreshed when applying the balm, but the instructions specify to use a muslin cloth, which I don’t have… I used a damp cotton pad and it took off most of my eye make up with only a tiny bit of mascara left, which didn’t even run when I was in the shower! Wowzers!
  3. Day Solution by Green People. This smells yummy. When things are yummy, I’m generally not worried about putting them on my face, but the ingredients of this day lotion are 94% organic, which can’t be a bad thing. I had tried this once and it did make my skin feel a bit greasy on the first application, but soon, it sank into my skin and I smelled like a flower for a fair old while. I don’t know if I will be purchasing this one, as I’m generally quite happy with my current day solution (the seaweed one from The Body Shop, which makes my skin completely soft and when I use it with the pore minimiser, I look awesome), but it’s good to know there are other options out there in case my face gets too used to my current regime and nothing works on it anymore…
  4. Eye and Brow Palette by HD Brows. I generally don’t do anything to my eyebrows apart from waxing them to shape them but I do have some ‘gaps’ in my eyebrows, which do need filling in. The prob is, right now, super dark eyebrows, my fair complexion and my dyed blonde hair don’t really go… But I’m looking into the future (read: winter) when I will eventually tone down (read: darker blonde) and my whole face will go together along with the HD palette. These colours are really nice as eyeshadows and are really light and suitable for the Autumn season 🙂 Plus, I’m working the natural look (with make up on) so I think I will probably use these a lot in the coming months. I will need to look at their website and see what else they have. I also love the applicator they sent as well, not to mention they sent a real sized palette. Well done, Glossy Box and HD Brows!
  5. Shampoo and Conditioner by Rahua. Rahua oil in the shampoo and conditioner helps hair to grow longer and stronger, so it might be worth giving it a go, seeing as my hair is extremely weak from colouring and I want to grow my hair really really long. Again, a real generous amount of this shampoo and conditioner was in the Glossy Box, but I suppose they don’t know how long my hair is, so they had to make sure they covered everyone. Both sachets came in a pretty little bag that I’ll probably use for nick-nacks or jewellery. The shampoo looks like honey and smells like mint and camomile (I think that’s the right one, I’m quite tired and not feeling with it today…), which lathers quickly and was quite straight forward. The conditioner smells like Bailey’s and looks like clumpy Bailey’s and the instructions say to leave it in your hair for 3 minutes. I hate these instructions in a shower; how long do I take in the shower and how long does all my other showery bits take?! So I left it in there for as long as I could and I could feel my scalp tingling; I wasn’t sure if this was because the product was working or because it had found a yukky eczema spot, but it wasn’t painful, so I assumed the conditioner was doing it’s job. I think I’ll have to try this product again, just to see what happened with frequent use.

So products I’ll probably buy again after this Glossy Box? The balm by Móa, the brow palette by HD Brows and, when I use it again and am successful with it, the shampoo and conditioner by Rahua. I am pretty impressed with my first ever Glossy Box and I am really looking forward to receiving the next one next month.



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