Facebook ‘Friends’ Clear Out

Today, I have decided to clear out some of my ‘friends’ on Facebook. I do publish my blog on there and I have come to realise that, although most of my stuff is not massively personal to me, I don’t want random people who used to know me to read what I’ve been up to. Particularly if they are judgemental. I’m not saying everyone’s judgemental. There are just people who were in my life and now they aren’t. I feel like I’m grown up and comfortable enough to have a divide between them and live with that divide.

Facebook is for social networking, not ‘friends collecting’, which I have managed to do since opening my Facebook account. Meet someone on a night out, add to Facebook. Meet a friend’s friend for a coffee, add to Facebook. Brother’s friends, Facebook. Mum’s friends, Facebook. It just becomes a bit of a chore and if I don’t know these people in real life, why should they get a chance to know every little aspect of my day-to-day life? Where I work? Who I’m in a relationship with? My birthday?! Yup, because I totally expect a card from those people who don’t talk to me ever. Unless it’s of course to get to know me better, but that’s a little weird if you read my blog to know me better… Come and speak to me instead! And I saw one of my Facebook friends the other day, she served me at a till. I looked her right in the eye and she didn’t have a clue who I was. That’s enough for me to delete her off of there!

What I’m struggling to do whilst I’m going through this is… where is the cut off line? People I speak to all the time are obviously still in my friends list. But what about people I spoke to 6 months ago? A year ago? Worked with for four years, but spoke to in real life two years ago? It’s not stressful, but it’s like, where are you, Line?! I have started off with nearly 400 friends on Facebook and I would like to whittle this down to a small circle of friends. Although, inevitably, I’ll end up with 350 to 375 as I am not being harsh enough. So far, I have kept the people I lived with during the 4 years of uni, the people I worked with every single weekend in Plymouth, old work mates of last year, family friends, boyfriend’s friends (and their girlfriends!), people on my university courses and some school friends, who when we left school, vowed to keep in touch forever. You never know.

So well done, you final few. You have made the cut. I suppose we’ll see if the others have noticed and decide to add me ‘as a friend’ again. And, as predicted, I only managed to cut it down to 312. Awesome.


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