WLB: Day 59

I didn’t go to WW last night; Mum was feeling poorly, so instead, I just kept her company and chilled with the pups. I got to work early and weighed myself this morning and I had lost 1lb. I am pretty chuffed with that, considering I drank heavily over the weekend. I was ill at the beginning of the week, so I perhaps didn’t eat so much as I would usually, considering my house is full of WW food.

I thought I’d give you a brief update for my Weight Loss Buddy (WLB) who is doing really well; she’s losing tonnes of weight per week, working hard and eating sensible. Making me feel bad about my small losses… but a loss is a loss and I’m going to keep going. I’ve got  6lbs to lose to get to my 10% goal. 6lbs isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of things, but keeping in mind that I have nearly lost a stone, it’s still half of what I have already lost. In fact, it took me 4 weeks to lose 6lbs and that was in the first 4 weeks of WW… and then it slowly crept up again. I’ve just got to keep going. Even if it’s 1lb a week, in 6 weeks, I’ll be 6lbs lighter. Although I am hoping that I’ll start losing 2lbs a week from now on and lose 2 stone by Christmas. That’s the plan anyway.

Obstacles for this week?

  1. Thai food on Friday in London with friends. I’ll just have to be good, not have a massive lunch and not pick the greasiest thing on the menu. Easy, eh?
  2. Rihanna gig with my Mum next Wednesday. Missing another WW session! Not good. But I’ll just do what I did today and make sure I record my weekly weight.
And that’s it. Nothing else is stopping me from a 2lb loss next week. Because I was sick, my channel swim hasn’t really taken off, but I’m doing my second session of it tonight; a mile legs only, a mile breaststroke and a mile backstroke. And I’m going to be walking another 3 miles (and back again!!) this Saturday, before (and after) a lengthy swim, as Jay is off his booze detox and there’s early morning rugby and football on, so I have nothing better to do. Speaking of booze, I’m not planning on drinking this weekend; I will probably drink at the Rihanna concert as Mum and I had a text agreement that, as I bought tickets, she’ll buy drinks. But I just keep drinking ‘to get drunk’ at the mo; last weekend, I did exactly that and I did not appreciate how I was feeling on Sunday. Although I had a good night. I suppose the biggest motivator was today, when I could fit into a pair of jeans that were tight and uncomfortable for a fair old while. They fit me perfectly fine today 🙂 Bring on next week!!

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