Moving :)

As you may have read recently, Jay and I have been ‘maybe’ moving house. Well, now it’s definite. We’re going to be moving on or around 1st November (probs the weekend before!).

I am extremely excited. The house is a lot bigger than what we are used to. The new kitchen will be 3 times the size of our current kitchen – that’s not to say the kitchen is huge, it’s just our kitchen is so pokey, it doesn’t really count! The living room is about the same size. There’s a conservatory and a garden for Fang to run around in. It’s just generally a grown up house and I am so excited to be moving in.

Mum and I went to Ikea yesterday and I know what bits I’m going to be ordering soon. I have this whole idea for a grown up bedroom that I can’t wait to get started on! But first…

There’s a lot of stuff to be done in the weekends leading up to ‘moving day’. I have purchased a shredder to get rid of all our paper crap that we have been hoarding. I am going to be an overly-experienced eBayer by the end of all of this as Jay has some broken electronics (which I’m sure can be sold as spare parts) and I’m going to sell some bits that we just don’t need in our house; even my tiny university laptop (Asus EEE), which I’m going to sell for £5. Although it’s a bigger place, we don’t need to fill it up with clutter. And even if we get £20 out of everything we sell, that’s enough for a round at the pub.

This weekend’s mission is the garage. The garage has been our hiding place for rubbish bags that have been full to burst, and are forgotten most Fridays when the rubbish is collected and I’m inevitably running late for work. Jay says he saw a rat run out of there when he was cleaning his car the other day. A. Rat. I am not excited about going in there at all. But when it’s done it’s done, and I just have to think it’s not going to be like that again. Because in the new house, I can get a wheely bin and wheel it in and out, instead of dragging black bin bags onto the pavement. I’ll just remember to roll the bin out!

As soon as the carpets are down in the new place, I think we’re going to be moving bits over slowly anyway, so the process of moving shouldn’t take too long. I have made a list in my head of people to notify the change of address and it goes something like this (in no particular order…):

  1. TV license.
  2. BT.
  3. Sky.
  4. Gas/Electricity.
  5. Water/Sewage peeps.
  6. The Council.
  7. Glossy Box.
  8. Banks/credit card peeps.
  9. DVLA.
  10. People I ordered my V festival tickets from!
I think that’s about all so far. I can’t think of anyone else off the top of my head. Obviously in no particular order, as Glossy Box would’ve been higher up that list…

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