Targets and Achievements (For Right Now)

Today, as it’s not busy in the office (surprise, surprise), I thought I’d write a blog full of my targets, achievements and everything else I want to do in the near future. It’s something people usually think about for New Years, but where’s the rule that says you can’t think about this in October?! I think the time span of these achievements, realistically, has to be over a couple of years, but that’s totally fine. I know where I want to be in a couple of years and what I want to be in a couple of years, so I just have to get there. Firstly, there’s the superficial, body targets:

  1. You guessed it. Three stone lighter. I’m hoping that I’ll have lost another stone by the New Year, on top of the near one I’ve lost so far this year. It’s do-able; I just need to stay motivated and lose 2lbs every week. I stayed the same this week. Wah.
  2. Get fitter. This is hand-in-hand with #1, really. I’m sure I’ll get fitter as I lose more weight.
  3. Longer hair. I really and truly want longer hair. The longest hair I’ve ever had has been just under my shoulders. I want longer hair than this if possible. I know it’s going to take a while, as the longer part of my hair meets my chin at the moment, but let’s give it a go.
  4. Better sense of style. I think these will come with #1, because it’s hard to dress me right now, being the size of Wales, and I live and die in leggings because I’m worried my jeans don’t fit properly. Wah.
  5. Be happier in my own skin. Blah blah blah, I’m sure I will be when I’m skinny!

Secondly, work targets:

  1. Book on as many babies as humanly possible to be the best client services manager in the world. That needs a shorter bullet point… Help franchise become more profitable sounds a bit better, but with a focus on booking on babies than selling products, so a massively huge marketing focus. Which I have started to focus upon recently, with leafleting and contacting random baby groups so they can hand our leaflets out for a small fee. BAM.
  2. Alongside this, pay rise would be completely and utterly awesome, and generally make my life so much easier. I don’t see that happening this year; I’ve only been here since January! But perhaps next year, if I double or even triple our client list (is that too much of a target?…). I would love 500 babies for our November course and right now, we’re stuck at 370…
  3. Learn new skills. There are tonnes of skills I can learn within the company; I just have to seek the opportunities for them and do them. I am no stranger to swimming courses and learning new things, so I have to decide where I would like my career path to take me. If I stay in my current franchise, what opportunities are there to make me stand out from any other employee? Again, this is early days as I’ve not even been here a year yet!
Thirdly, life targets:
  1. Puppy. Pretty much done, haha.
  2. Holiday with the boyf. This doesn’t sound much of a target/achievement, eh? But through no fault of our own, Jay and I haven’t been able to afford to go on holiday (because we have been too busy moving house and buying puppy and going on hol with each of our family’s and the list goes on). So one of my targets/achievements is to save up for a super awesome holiday with the boyf. Maybe next year, maybe the year after. Whenever 🙂
So there we have it. A couple of years to achieve 10 targets/achievements. Do-able?

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