WLB: Day 65

I know, I’m a day early. I’m going to see Rihanna tonight at the o2 with Mama Bear, so I have managed to weigh myself today, outside of WW to carry on with this. I am a bit gutted, but I stayed the same this week. I am still 1.5lbs off of my first stone. I didn’t eat particularly well last weekend and my exercise has kinda ground to a halt (even if I did walk 5 miles on Saturday, which I am considering on doing every single weekend. Why not?). Just wasn’t feeling particularly motivated the last week.

It’s not just me though. WLB was away for the weekend and ate badly too. They’re actually scared to jump on a set of scales, so at least I broke that barrier! Like a plaster; rip it off and let the air get to it! Mum is also avoiding WW; she had a munching day on Sunday. Must be something in the water.

So things to definitely change for this week are:

  1. MORE EXERCISE. Good Lord, just crack the whip and get on with it, lard arse! I think the walking thing is doing pretty well; I wore my Kim Kardashian Skechers and my arse was so sore the next day. I’m going to try walk to the pool, swimming and walking from the pool over the weekends. Yes, I am.
  2. LESS BAD FOOD. It’s not hard, is it?? I’ve completely ditched the normal sized chocolate bars (6 points) for Freddos (3 points) and that should be plenty, if I ever really, really need something sweet. I still have tonnes of ready meals in my freezer, so I just have to stick to them religiously. I have changed my lunch to a cheese and onion toastie (6 points) as opposed to ham, which was a few more points and I’ve been eating more fruit… Just last week, I was eating more fruit accompanied by pizza… I’m getting there, slowly.
Things that are going to hold me back this week? Nothing. Well, apart from tonight, but I’m including my drinks into my daily point allowance and not my weekly allowance. If I earn more activity points, I’ll eat them. I just don’t want to keep cutting into my weeklys. I never went into them before, so why am I going into them now? My new aim is to lose another stone before Christmas. It’s do-able, as long as I lose about 2lbs every week. And if I stick to that, I’ll lose even more than just a stone anyway! More motivation this week and I hope I’ll have some better WLB news next week.

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